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Canon DHub Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao is hiring!

Cagayan de Oro City, Jobs, Mindanaoan Update
Before anything else, I'd just like to say - isn't it so good to see that companies these days are actually HIRING instead of FIRING people? With all the lay offs, retrenchments and however you call it these days, it's nice to see that Mindanaons like myself still have that chance to land a job. So without further ado, here's an employment opportunity with Canon DHub - Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. Canon DHub is one of the leading retail stores in Cagayan de Oro that values high standard of customer service and quality products. The company needs: 1. SALES STAFF - male or female, not more than 25 years old - college level/graduate - with interest in retail selling and preferably with exposure in consumer imaging products - with strong and pleasing personality and excellent ...
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