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Be bakunado! Top reasons why you need to protect yourself against flu

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Contrary to popular belief, influenza or flu is not just a simple disease. Truth be told, it does not just come in the most common forms such as cough and colds. Flu can also come in avian, human and pandemic forms (the latter being the scariest form, IMO) - hence, it is very important that you as well as the members of your family get vaccinated. Good thing there's now a website that helps you understand flu, its forms, consequences and vaccinations that could help fight it. Check out the Bakunado sa Flu Official Website (a banner may be found at the header of the Mindanaoan website) In case the banner doesn't show, click here. The Bakunado sa Flu website will help you realize that vaccination is one important step to not only a healthier lifestyle but to a less stressful atmospher...
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