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Trying out Lampara Poblacion with Norby David

Lampara is a neo-Filipino bistro located in Poblacion, Makati. As the name suggests, Lampara (“lamp” in Filipino) aims to “shine light” on contemporary Filipino cuisine. Lampara Poblacion Makati features a variety of Filipino dishes with a modern twist.

The restaurant is housed in a two-storey building with modern and industrial interiors, with walls adorned with graffiti-style artwork and with mixed-and-matched chairs and some tables made from reclaimed wood. Lampara has a large outdoor patio that’s perfect for al fresco dining. That’s where Norbs and I sat and enjoyed some of Lampara’s small plates.

For new readers of this humble blog, Norbs is Norby David, with whom I just marked a decade-long friendship with. I first met Norby in 2013 during a San Miguel Beer-sponsored concert. He was still with Rivermaya then (he left in 2016). I’m still super friends with Rivermaya and I’m happy Norbs is still my friend as well. In fact, for 3 years now, I’ve been managing his social media accounts. I started helping him during the onset of the pandemic.

Anyway, it was Norby’s idea to go visit Lampara after several failed attempts to look for restaurants around Makati that we both liked. He shared that he once performed for an event there or something and luckily there was an available table when we arrived.

Norby and I liked the rice cups, dinuckdukan and the tofu. Also liked our drinks. Check out this video I made:

Overall, Lampara is a great option for anyone looking for a unique/pretty interesting dining experience in Poblacion. By the way, they start dimming the lights after 10 PM.

Lampara is located at 5883 Enriquez Street, Poblacion, Makati. Operating hours are: Monday to Sunday, 6 PM to 2 AM.

Now for those of you who may want to hire Norby David, please feel free to contact him through his official Facebook page 🙂 He recently had a concert in Santa Barbara, Iloilo and it was a hit! You can also check out his Facebook page for his gig schedules. Please follow him on his other social media platforms: YouTube.com/norbydavid and Tiktok.com/@norbydavidmusic

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