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UK newspaper features Iliganon, also a former CDO Nurse

Stephanie Padilla-Madriaga, a Filipino intensive care nurse based in the UK has been featured last July 13, 2022 on The Guardian. The UK newspaper has over 110,000+ in circulation and a news website.

Stephanie was part of the four international nurses who were featured to talk about their experience working in the UK. This follows reports that over half of the new nurses in the UK were trained abroad.

“I’m honored to be approached by the Guardian to tell my story. I hope it serves as an eye opener
for the way we live here as an overseas Filipino workers and an inspiration for future nurses who
are coming to the UK.” said Stephanie when asked about the feature.

In the newspaper feature Stephanie talked about her nursing journey from the Philippines to the
United Kingdom, the recruitment process, the struggles of an overseas Filipino worker abroad,
nursing practices and how the Filipino community supported their cohort when they were still
starting out.

The feature also highlighted Stephanie’s struggles when the pandemic hit and how she questioned
her passion for caring patients seeing them die left and right during the peak of Covid-19 in the UK.
This eventually led Stephanie to go out of intensive care to take up a secondment leadership role
in the medical wards for a year.

During the pandemic, she started a vlog as an outlet to relax. ‘Absolutely, Stephanie’ is a YouTube
Channel aimed to help Filipino nurses settle and live in the UK.

Stephanie Padilla-Madriaga is originally from Iligan City and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in
Nursing at MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology) batch 2012. After
passing the nursing board exam, she practiced nursing in Cagayan de Oro City before moving to
the UK.

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