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Importance of Trims for Wholesale Clothing Vendors

Are you planning to launch your own clothing line and looking to finalize a wholesale clothing vendor that can manufacture the clothes as per your design and style and ensure the use of high-quality materials? If yes, you need to keep certain things in mind, especially about the quality of fabric and trim being used by bulk clothing suppliers.

Trims play an important role in enhancing the functionality and appearance of a garment and therefore, need to be sourced carefully. To ensure the offerings in your clothing line not only look fabulous, but also are comfortable, you need to design and source the trims well in advance. A best option is to team up with good quality wholesale clothing distributors that take the responsibility of trim sourcing.

Established and experienced wholesale clothing distributors such as Private Label Apparel offer full package production for wholesale denim jeans for men and women. In full package production, the wide range of services include styling assistance, fabric, trims, facilities like dyeing and sewing,
besides merchandising and drop shipping. This allows designers to offer a clothing line that includes the latest trendy clothes with attractive trims.

Types of Trims

Trims are a wide term that includes all material components except for the fabric of a garment. They are used to make a garment more attractive or to improve its functionality. The two most popular types of trims used by good quality wholesale clothing distributors are:

1) Decorative trims that include embroideries, motifs, appliques, hang tangs, back patches in case of jeans, woven labels, and screen printing. They are used to enhance the visual appearance of a garment.
2) Functional trims include items like thread, buttons, labels and zippers. These trims are used to improve the functioning of the garment or differentiate them from other brands. In some other cases, they may be added to reflect a specific theme to the clothing line.

Sourcing the Trims

When you design a clothing line, you need to finalize the type of trims you wish to incorporate. Once that is done, their timely sourcing is important. This is because some trims are applied before the assembly of a garment. In some cases, the application will depend on their purpose.

In case you decide to give the responsibility of trim sourcing to bulk wholesale clothing suppliers, you need to provide them with the necessary details and designs. This will help the supplier to source the trims early and complete your order at the scheduled time. While non-branded trims such as zippers, generic buttons and threads can be sourced easily, branded trims need to be designed and developed. You can also provide the jeans manufacturers with your existing trim packages to allow them to create exact replicas or modify them as per your requirements. Timely communication will help the supplier to provide you the costing details for
a minimum order of trim development and design.

Good quality wholesale clothing distributors will ensure that the samples sent include the trims demanded by you. And final production begins only after you approve the samples.

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