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4 Reasons Why Recent College Graduates Should Travel

So, you’ve completed your degree and you have an idea of what kind of work you want to go into. But you feel worn out after all those years of hard work and study. You dream about closing the books for a couple of months and exploring new countries. If so, know that you’re not alone! Taking time out to travel after graduation is becoming more and more common and it’s certainly something you don’t need to feel worried about in terms of damaging your career. In fact, in some ways, traveling post-graduation
can actually help your long-term career prospects. Here are five reasons why you should consider packing your backpack (or suitcase) and hitting the road whilst the ink is still fresh on your graduation certificate.

Things Can Wait

This is probably the most important one. So many graduates worry that taking some time out to travel will harm their employability or disrupt their student loan repayment schemes. The reality of the situation is that many employers look for candidates who have some experience living abroad. In today’s global economy, employees need to be comfortable engaging with colleagues and clients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. If you have found a way to include any volunteering on your travels, this looks even better. In terms of student debt, it is actually possible to defer your student loan repayments.

A student loan deferment will allow you to delay making repayments on your loan, often for up to 3 years. It’s worth checking out the specific details of your student loan set up and potential deferment options. There are always options and an outstanding student loan is no reason to cancel your travel plans.

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Learn to be Flexible

The joy of travel is often found in things not going to plan. These are times when new adventures are embarked on, and unexpected acquaintances are made. Alongside adding to the excitement, experiencing setbacks in your travel itinerary can help you learn to adapt to fast-changing situations.

Flexibility is such an important skill in the modern workplace, as technological change and global shifts occur so frequently. Skills like this, learned on the trail, can come into play later on in a more formal work environment.

Gain Confidence and Maturity

Travelling requires confidence in your ability to get from A to B. Although there are many travel planning apps, ultimately it is up to you to plan and execute. Coming out of the controlled environment of university or college, the experience of traveling can help a new graduate learn how to navigate the real world. When you realize that you can travel independently and explore your own interests this will be a huge boost to your confidence.

Get a Better Understanding of Your Place in the World

We live in such a diverse and colorful world with limitless opportunities. Taking time out to travel can really help to expand your horizons and opportunities. It allows you to get some perspective on your studies and the future that awaits you when you return home. You’ll find out more about yourself than you ever thought possible when on the road. You’ll try new things, meet new people, and you’ll find the value in getting lost. You’ll come home with a much better understanding of your limits, your likes/dislikes and your place in the world.

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