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CHECKLIST: Things to Consider When Participating in a Trade Show

Participating in a tradeshow is a huge commitment of resources and time. Although tradeshows have gained immense popularity due to the unique opportunities they present, there are several considerations that can influence the returns on investment.

Participation needs to be strategically planned and every aspect needs attention to detail, from promoting your participation to designing eye-catching step and repeat backdrop, according to experts at BackDrop Banner Printing.

Here’s a list of things to consider if you intend to participate in a tradeshow.

Checklist for Tradeshow Participation

Goals: You need to be clear about your goals of participating. In other words, be clear about what you’re expecting out of it. Is it brand building, to generate x amount of leads or sell y number of products? This will influence all your decisions, including what you print on your trade show backdrop.

Research: Find out everything you can about the tradeshow and its past performance. This will help choose the event that’s most aligned with your goals, your business and your target audience. Also research the other companies that will be participating in the tradeshow.

Your space: Once you’ve narrowed down the tradeshows you wish to participate in, find out the location options. This needs to align with your budget, because premier locations will be more expensive. Find out the probable footfall at your selected booth and the exhibits who will be nearby. You will need to know the actual size of the booth to make decisions regarding backdrop and step and repeat banner printing. Also check out the lighting.

Your exhibit designs: This needs to be aligned with your brand image, your offering as well as your audience. The logo may determine the colors use in your trade show backdrop, but the audience will determine the look and feel. For instance, if the tradeshow attracts young executives, your step and repeat banner printing must focus on evoking strong emotions or have a touch of humor. The decisions must also take into account the physical aspects of the booth. For instance, if the booth is in an open area, you may choose vinyl backdrop printing, as this is weather resistant.

Promote your participation: It’s important to do your bit to promote your presence at the event. You could invite your existing clients, vendors and other business contacts to the event. You can also share information about your participation on your company’s blog and social media profiles. Create an event on Facebook and invite your contacts to it. You would also have already designed your trade show backdrop. You can use the same design to post on social media. Online press releases can also be posted. There are sites that list events for free. Upload your participation information on these.

Engage with your audience: Think of creative ways in which you can engage with your visitors. You may have games at your booth or maybe an organize a contest or a lucky draw. Most importantly, train your team to start interesting conversations with visitors.

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