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8 Reasons To Tour Scotland in Your Lifetime

Scotland is home to beauty, mystery and centuries of history. The country is full of beautiful scenery to immerse yourself into. The culture is interesting and charming. While many tourists go for fantasy, here are ten reasons everyone should take a trip to Scotland.


Many Scotland tours take a trip to the many castles dotting the land. Stirling Castle may still carry the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots. In fact, you can even stay in many castles as several are hotels now. From the famous Dunrobin Castle in the Highlands to Floors Castle near the Scottish border, the country has many to explore and soak in the history of the country.


Scotland is known for its wildness and the many crags provide an opportunity for tourists to test their mettle. In all the British Isles, Scotland has the most majestic, tallest and steepest crags. Climb them or simply enjoy their awe-inspiring beauty.


Whether its Robert Louis Stevenson or Robert Burns telling the tales, the country is home to many legends and myths. Enjoy listening to stories about the selkies, witches, kelpies, Nessie, ghosts and magic.


The kilt is likely as famous as the country itself or Bonnie Prince Charlie. Roaming around the country you’re likely to see many men wearing the tartan of their clan in what appears to be a skirt. But the article of clothing is an essential part of their Celtic or Gaelic heritage. The tartan represents their clan or family line.


Tee off where golf became a sport at St Andrews golf course. Stroll around the green at Royal Troon where eight British Opens have played. Or tempt your skills at Cruden Bay home of the head-scratching 14th hole.


Whiskey or Scotch drinkers can enjoy tasting their favorite drink right at the distillery. Visit any of the 120 active distilleries.

Harry Potter

Fans of the beloved children’s book can enjoy riding the Hogwarts Express. During the months of April through October, the “real-life” train is actually the Jacobite Steam Train used in the iconic movies.


The sparsely populated Highlands is the upper portion of the country and includes the many islands surrounding it, including the Isle of Skye and Orkney Islands. While few live there, the area is home to many of the cultural elements Scotland is known for.

With so much to see, it’s no wonder people enjoy a trip to Scotland. Seeing the beauty of the scenery and culture through a tour customized to your tastes gives you the best of both worlds. A knowledgeable guide to help you see everything you desire. Don’t miss out on the pleasures of the country.

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