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7 helpful tips for safe, enjoyable tropical travel

When the autumn breeze hits your arms and legs, your mind starts dreaming of the sand, surf, and sun. While it’s tempting to instantly hop on a plane or in a car, safe tropical travel takes a little planning. Here are seven quick yet important tips to get you on those warm beaches faster.

Watch Weather

Not all paradise coastal towns are at risk of tropical weather. Though, as we’ve learned worldwide the last ten years or more, you can’t be too cautious planning trips around the weather. Look for the months when the highest risk of tropical storms aim for the area you’re traveling. Check out long-range forecasts, and make sure you know the emergency evacuation situations once you arrive.

Pack Smart

You know you’re not wearing much more than that swimsuit. Many airlines have added a non-gate baggage policy. Where you could recently take a small suitcase and place in an overhead compartment, new policies require you to pay the fee at ticketing to check your bag. If you don’t, you may get stuck with twice the check bag fee at the gate non-negotiable.

Sun Smart

Be sure you know what sunscreen is best for your skin, and pack plenty. You can still get a golden tan with protective sunscreen. Companies like Coral Isles offer a full range of skin protecting sunscreens for all skin types. The future health risks of not having protection aren’t worth the risk. Plus, the coral safe sunscreen application massage is part of the fun.

Shop Around

Many hotels and resorts, believe it or not, have some of the best prices on their own websites. Many hide deals like free meals or drinks on their own sites that you won’t see elsewhere. But, shop around anyway. Many travel specialty sites also run discounts at certain times of the week or year. A few travel sites will send you email updates when prices fall. Don’t take your first offer until you’ve done homework.

Long Sleeves and Pants?

Yes, if you’re planning to visit a tropical paradise mosquitoes and other biting bugs call home. While many repellents will do some of the work, there are times of the year when many tropical locations are a literal breeding ground for insects that want to bite you. Packing at least one long-sleeved shirt and long pants will protect you during hikes or those quiet beach evenings.


If you’re planning to hike in the tropics, you’ll want to pack extra socks. Tropical climates tend to be wetter than expected. Heavy short rain bursts mix with dozens of hours of sun. Nothing is more miserable than soggy hiking socks. After that rain and puddle hopping, put on a dry pair. In that same thought, pack light rain gear for equipment protection.


If you didn’t think about this one, you might not be a regular reader. Nothing beats escape into a book while lounging on the beach. Whatever your imagination wants, you’ll find it. Let your mind escape along with your body.

Now, find your tropical paradise. You’re prepared to travel safer and smarter.

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