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4 Meaningful Ways to Give Back to Your Community

From monetary donations to social media awareness campaigns, there are many ways that you can help charities without even leaving your chair. But what if you’re interested in something a little more substantial than that? What if you want to affect real-world change in your community? Here are just four meaningful ways to make a difference.

1. Get Personal

Find a cause that matters to you. Join an organization that inspires feelings of love, passion, excitement and righteousness. It doesn’t matter if it’s saving elephants in Kenya or exposing more children to the arts with street pianos in New York; the most important thing is that you care and that you’re willing to take action based on that feeling. Obligation will only take you so far.

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2. Go for the Grassroots

While every charity could use your money, this is especially true of community-based organizations that lack the budgets and resources of big groups. Your donation will help a smaller outfit establish their brand, set up their headquarters and spread the word about what they’re doing or fighting. The next time that you want to open your wallet for charity, think about a local group instead of an international one.

3. Sponsor Someone in Need

You’ve probably seen commercials for starving children in third-world countries. While that’s certainly a noble cause, you should know that you don’t have to venture that far with your checkbook to sponsor someone in need. There are plenty of city- and state-wide programs that will allow you to help kids, seniors, veterans and disabled individuals who could use a little money to improve their lives.

4. Volunteer Your Time

Maybe you want to build houses in poor neighborhoods. Maybe you want to answer phones for health clinics and homeless shelters. At the end of the day, there’s nothing like rolling up your sleeves and doing something proactive for the charity that you love, so don’t be afraid to call an organization and ask how you can help. They probably have a long list of needs that you can help them fulfill.

These are just a few ways to give back to your favorite causes. A generous heart is only the first step; able hands are the next. If you’re ready to make a difference in a substantial, long-term way, it’s time to turn off Twitter and try something new.

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