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Myra products you must try right now

I will be celebrating my birthday real soon (April is my birth month!) and you know what that means – another reminder that YES we all have to care for our skin! Unfortunately for me, I only started with this whole skin care regimen thing pretty late. On the other hand, I’m also fortunate because these days, there are tons of skin care products that can help us in our quest of looking good no matter what our age is.

One of the brands that we’re all familiar with is Myra. And guess what? They released products like facial wash, moisturizer and lotion. I made it a point to try these products for at least a week before I share my thoughts.

First off – let me just say that I’ve been taking the Myra Vitamin E capsules for years so obviously I recommend those 🙂 We ladies need regular doses of vitamin E!

Anyway, I tried the Myra VitaSmooth hydrating facial wash and hydrating facial moisturizer tandem first. The facial wash had vitamin E so that was a plus. I used the facial moisturizer next and I loved it! It was light, non-greasy and only had a very tiny hint of smell (which was pleasant, by the way). I used the moisturizer for several days and even under makeup! That really help keep my skin hydrated. Recommended, most def!

I also tried the 3 Myra hand and body lotions. My most favorite was the Myra VitaFirm which had aloe extract.

Finally, I also tried the Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash. This had vitamin E beads. My skin felt supple after washing.

There you go. I give two thumbs up for these new Myra products. Add them to your grocery cart! Let me know what you think of the products, too 🙂

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