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Five Qualities Most Travelers Look for in a Hotel

Today, most travelers book their hotel rooms weeks or even months before they leave home. The Internet makes it possible to conduct thorough research on practically any hotel in the country. Consider five qualities that most travelers look for before booking a hotel room.

A Helpful Staff

Whether they stay for two weeks or a single weekend, most travelers appreciate a helpful, courteous hotel staff. Helpful staff members are ready to assist with room issues as well as answer questions about local restaurants or shops. In short, hotel guests like to know they can rely on a knowledgeable, polite staff.

A Well-Equipped Kitchen

Not all travelers like to dine out when they stay in a hotel. This is why a well-equipped kitchen is so high on the list of qualities travelers look for in a hotel. Some travelers have special diets so they prefer to shop for specific foods and prepare their own meals. Alternatively, some travelers like to save on the budget by making their meals on some days and going out to restaurants on others. The opportunity to prepare simple meals in a well-equipped kitchen is important to many travelers.

A Comfortable Bed

Whether a person is traveling on business or pleasure, everyone likes to get a good night’s sleep. So, a comfortable hotel bed is a quality that most people look for. Specifically, people look for bedding with a high thread count and a well-made mattress for support during sleep. These are no longer amenities to many travelers; they are must-haves. The motel Bend Oregon is an example of a hotel that’s pleased to offer comfortable sleeping accommodations.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

There are a growing number of travelers who enjoy bringing their pet along with them while they are away. Consequently, many individuals look for pet-friendly accommodations where their pets have space to exercise and are welcome in the suites.


This quality rates high on the list for many travelers. Insulated, sound controlled rooms are a requirement for guests who want to get plenty of sleep so they’re ready for whatever the next day brings. Also, they can enjoy visiting with their family, talking on the telephone or working on the computer in a quiet, serene room.

Finally, travelers who enjoy peaceful accommodations and the assistance of a helpful staff are likely to remain loyal to the hotel on their next trip.

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