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Breastfeeding and cloth diapering advocate? Join #HakabNaCDO 2016

Are you a mother who advocates breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapering? Are you a stay-at-home mom, working mom, obstetrician, pediatrician or advocate of families, then do join “Hakab Na CDO 2016.”

The event, led by the Modern Nanays of Mindanao (MNM), a group of mothers who advocate breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth-diapering, will be part of the Global Big Latch On.

The Global Big Latch On or Hakab Na encourages and supports communities to make breastfeeding a normal part of day-to- day life and identifies opportunities to provide on-going support for all families. It is the most amazing, fun, global event and a local community-based celebration of families held every August during World Breastfeeding Week.

Hakab Na CDO 2016 is scheduled on August 6, 2016 at Limketkai Mall Event Center. Mothers will gather and simultaneously breastfeed their babies.

Last year here in the city, 120 mothers with their families joined the celebration.

hakab na cdo 2016

Leave a comment below if you wish to participate 🙂

You can also send a message via the Mindanaoan Facebook page and I’ll make sure to hook you up with the organizers.

More about the Modern Nanays of Mindanao:


Babies’ needs are simple and basic. Physiologically they need their environment in the womb, they need food, warmth, movement and touch. A modern nanay knows that breastfeeding for food, keeping dry with cloth diapers for warmth, and constant touch and movement from baby wearing are the bare necessities.

We believe that having a baby is not easy. But with the touch of optimism, right knowledge and steady support we mommies can get through it all.


To create a culture among parents who:

– Recognizes breastfeeding as a biological need

– Choose to respect the environment and use organic cloth diapers

– Practice attachment parenting through babywearing.


Spread awareness and help parents make informed judgement on:

– Breastfeeding as a biological need

– The environmental, economical and health benefits of cloth diapering

– The holistic nurturing babywearing can give

In encountering trouble with mommy matters, MNM will give practical pieces of advice which are backed up by best practices, research and experience.


– LOVE. We do all we do for the love of our babies. We love them that is why we only want the best for them.

– KINDNESS. As a support group, we choose to be kind with everyone. There may be differences in opinions wherever we are but with kindness we can break barriers and help reach out more. We cannot fight fire with fire.

– OPTIMISM. Optimism will help you look things in a different perspective. From saying “I have NO milk” You can be optimistic and say “I have a baby who needs my attention.” “This pain is unbearable” can be “This pain will all be worth it.”

– SUPPORT. We made this group to be your support. When you have doubts trust the members and the counselors. We may not be doctors but we know what we are doing.

– SCIENCE. Research and nature is on our side when we choose to breastfeed our children. The benefits of cloth diapering and babywearing has a science behind it too, that is why modern nanays choose this lifestyle too.

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