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Thinking of joining the artisan craze?

The artisan craze has come to food, clothing, household items and more. The idea of something original and uniquely designed with care appeals to many, especially those who act as curators of their home and kitchen. However, the idea of specialized design has been around a long time, in many different industries, particularly those which have one-off items that require unique solutions.

Niche Design and Commercial Fishing

If you head to the wild waters of the Bering Sea, Alaska, you will notice a large number of factory trawlers. These are net-dragging boats which stay out for weeks at a time and contain a factory crew who can fillet or otherwise process the fish on board, box, and deep freeze them. The ability to do this requires special factory equipment that has to be able to deal with wet, slimy, fishy conditions without seizing, and which must be able to fit in the small spaces that the boat may offer. In most cases, this means unique, custom-designed systems and upgrades.

Cars and Trucks

Pimping your ride is nothing new, and there’s a large business model for the artisan car market. This can mean design of whimsical accessories that you can add-on yourself, custom paint jobs or restorations, or uniquely designed items that can solve problems that certain kinds of cars or trucks innately have. This includes things like special tire systems for stepdeck trucking, which tends to wear normal tires more quickly than other styles of truck, and needs a good system of multi-sized tires designed to work together. The value of getting a product especially designed to solve an existing problems can be huge when it comes to situations like this, as blowouts can be very dangerous.

landstar stepdeck trucking

A La Carte Travel

Another industry that has long depended on custom planning is the travel industry. The ability to choose travel arrangements, transportation, lodging and activities that fit you and your personality can feel luxurious but, with the help of travel agents, are often highly affordable. Professionals in the industry are aware of low-cost days, travel off and shoulder seasons, and the reputation of different vendors. This is often better than a search for the cheapest on the internet as you want something affordable but not low-quality, and these professionals have the experience to understand the difference.

As the artisan trend is so popular that big companies have added the concept to mass marketing, it’s good to know that it’s been around a long time. Best of all, if you’re a designer with a unique niche, this trend will probably last.

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