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How to consult a Filipino doctor on the phone for only 1 peso

We’ve all been there. A medical emergency and we get rattled, don’t know what to do and don’t know who to call first. Do we go to the clinic? But what if it’s in the wee hours in the morning and you don’t have your doctor’s home phone number? What about if we can’t go to the clinic right away and you need to consult a licensed Filipino doctor right there and then? Plus what about the costs?

HELLO, first paragraph pa lang, taranta na, di ba? ūüėÄ

Fret no more! KonsultaMD has made it possible for us to call and consult a licensed Filipino doctor round-the-clock, on the phone, for only 1 peso! Did that get your attention? Curious? Read on.

We all know that self-medication is a common practice in the Philippines where a large percentage of the population relies on folk medicines, traditional cures, hilot (raise your hands if you can relate!) or even the Internet instead of going to a doctor or medical practitioner. This behavior is a result of lack of experienced healthcare professionals in the country in addition to under-resourced public hospitals, poor health infrastructure, limited accessibility , and high cost of medical consultation. Currently, the Philippines only has about three (3) doctors for every 100,000 patients in rural areas and seven doctors for every 100,000 patients in urban areas.


Fortunately, KonsultaMD is here to help! Everyone, wherever you may be in the Philippines, can avail of this very useful service.

With its 24/7 health hotline designed to make medical information more accessible, efficient, and affordable to majority of Filipinos, KonsultaMD is making it possible for us to call and consult a licensed Filipino doctor for only 1 peso per minute.

If you think about it, even an hour long phone consultation with KonsultaMD is STILL cheaper than going to a clinic or hospital, where consultation fees usually start at Php 200.

vinchi sy-quia

During a recent media briefing with Vinchi Sy-Quia of KonsultaMD, he stressed that Filipinos from all walks of life especially those at the base of the pyramid, will have access to a reliable source of medical information anytime they want and wherever they are in the country without spending a lot of time and money.

No more lines, no more appointments, no more wasted time, effort and money. Receive reliable answers from licensed Filipino doctors over the phone. Even when you’re abroad, you can easily call KonsultaMD.

Globe Postpaid customers only need to pay a subscription fee of Php 150 per month which can be used by up to 4 additional household members. Meanwhile, Globe prepaid and TM customers may subscribe for Php 15 a week, Php 60 a month, Php 120 every 2 months or Php 180 a quarter.

Calls using Globe or TM are charged Php 1 per minute while calls within Metro Manila via landline are currently FREE. Non-Globe users have to pay the standard NDD rate for calls outside Metro Manila or regular mobile to landline rate, whichever is applicable.

Subscription fee is waived for Platinum Elite members.

What can you ask the KonsultaMD doctors via telephone:

KonsultaMD provides straightforward help with health and medical-related questions. This includes medical information to common but important questions on pregnancy, infant and/or toddler care, fever and other general ailments, signs and symptoms, diet, and other concerns.

Please note, however, that KonsultaMD does not replace face-to-face interaction between doctors and patients but only serves as a means of interim care so that the public can have immediate and affordable medical attention.

Here are 3 ways in order for you to sign up for KonsultaMD:

1. Visit the KonsultaMD website

2. Call (02) 79880 (for Globe and TM postpaid and prepaid customers. For non-Globe users, call (02) 798 8000)

3. Visit the nearest Globe Store (anywhere in the country)

* Platinum Elite members may subscribe via their Platinum Relationship Manager

KonsultaMD is being operated by Global Telehealth, Inc., an affiliate of leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom and Salud Interactiva, a leader in the health hotline space in Mexico.

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