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H&M #CDO – What it will be like to be a part of the team

The secret’s out. H&M Philippines, which first opened in Västerås in Sweden in 1947 and has become a global fashion company since, is set to open a store in Cagayan de Oro. H&M CDO is definitely one of the most-awaited brands to hit the City of Golden Friendship.

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With 3,900 stores spread across 61 countries, H&M found its first home in the Philippines in the capital city where it opened its doors in October 2014, forever changing the fashion landscape of the country. Now H&M has 13 stores in our beloved archipelago, two of which very recently opened in Cebu City. And very soon – in Cagayan de Oro City!

As the retail titan that it is, H&M has around 132,000 dedicated employees who, like many creatives, think without a box. With bigger plans of expansion, H&M offers more opportunities for individuals who have passion, hard work, and unwavering perseverance all wrapped in their love for fashion.

So, are you interested to be a part of the H&M Philippines team? Want to be a part of the H&M CDO family?

h&m philippines staff

Aside from offering fashion and quality at an affordable price, what makes H&M the go-to fashion brand among buyers is their exemplary customer service. Such dedication to shoppers comes as a result of how their team walks the talk and puts the company’s values into practice.

All H&M staff works as one team who share the same goals, and help each other achieve those goals with each employee having a specific function. With teamwork as one of the pillars of the company, Chief Executive Officer Karl-Johan Persson says, “We are basically a group of people who work together to come up with great ideas.”

h&m cdo

Since fashion and creativity go hand-in-hand, H&M cultivates an environment of constant improvement. Charged by a fast-paced nature and a little friendly competition, curiosity is theirfuel. “Competition is always growing, competitors are getting bigger and better. We have to improve all the time and that’s a huge challenge in itself, but it’s very fun also because we like a challenge at H&M. I think we’re good, at our best, when we are challenged,” Persson shares.

H&M tries to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in their employees by empowering them to seek their own opportunities, create initiatives, dare to try new things, and push boundaries, all while exhibiting a wicked sense of style. H&M is also known for their sustainability efforts, and according to Persson, they aim to make “fashion sustainable, and sustainability fashionable.”

Karl-Johan Persson

H&M opens its doors to anyone who has an instinctive love for fashion and a strong sense of style. Their no-uniform policy allows employees to express their quirks and personalities through what they wear.

Employees can also expect equal treatment across the board. All new hire employees get a taste of the H&M world by starting with store training. Every year, all existing employees, including CEO Karl-Johan Persson himself, help the store for 1-2 days either manning the cashier or the fitting room, tidying up the floor, running the garments, or engaging with customers; and when the stores get busy, everyone, regardless of their position, rolls up their sleeves to help their peers out.

Aside from providing great health and medical benefits and employment security through regularization, H&M takes care of its employees by setting up a culture where work and play are almost synonymous.

Additional perks such as discounts, a comfortable workspace, jetsetter moments, and awesome colleagues make each day at H&M fun and dynamic.

As part of their growth as a company, internal progression is essential at H&M, keeping a keen eye on hard work and talent. Only 8 months after opening their first store in Manila, they promoted 16 sales advisors to become visual merchandisers, 5 to become department managers, and 2 to become cash admin officers. By offering better opportunities to its employees, it’s no wonder that the massive global brand that is H&M is well loved by its people.

h&m centrio cdo

H&M is for anyone who loves fashion a tad bit more than the average person. It’s home to the fearless, unique, and passionate. People who think differently excel in an environment like H&M, one that’s designed to hone such creativity.

Take it from visual merchandiser Enrico “Dyee” Ramos who shares, “H&M is a company that will definitely give you the freedom to be who you are. They don’t discriminate whether you come from a different background, gender, status or religion.” Walter Ortiz Jr., who started out as a sales advisor for 6 months and went through a 3-month training to achieve his present post as department manager, expressed the same sentiments with Dyee, saying, “H&M is the best employer I’ve come across. They prioritize progression without discrimination, which is very motivating and inspiring for us.”

Being given a warm welcome by a giant company is hard to come by these days. This open culture is characteristic of H&M as a company that, according to Dyee, “believes in your capacity as a person, and values your contributions.”

As far as valuing contributions go, H&M not only opens doors to anyone determined to take bigger steps, but guides them along the way as well. Jobel Cruz-Fermin became department manager in less than a year after being a sales advisor for 8 months. “With the help of my former store’s management team and my training mentor, I passed the 3-month training. I am now a Department Manager in our Gateway Mall store,” Jobel proudly declares.

h&m cdo staff

The sincere pursuit of one’s passion is celebrated at H&M, and country indoor and window responsible at H&M Jen Tantiado is proof of that. “Here at H&M, it’s like a domino effect – when you love what you do, it will show in your performance. When you perform well, people take notice. When people take notice, doors of opportunities will open for you,” she shares.

Dyee, Walter, Jen, and Jobel, are only a few of the countless people who have found a partner in H&M in their growth professionally, and also as individuals. As an organization where opportunities are endless and success stories are made, H&M continues to champion the belief that loving what you do and doing what you love will take you far beyond the hem of your expectations.

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