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Join the HATCH Mastermind Group CDO

A mastermind group, where participants can freely brainstorm strategies, create goals and implement ideas as well as support each other, has been launched in Cagayan de Oro City.

Dubbed “HATCH Mastermind Group CDO,” the free-for-all group also aims to provide a platform whereby participants can share the challenges they currently face and can seek assistance from the collective intelligence of other participants.

Active Twitter users Mike of @mikeabonitalla, Vic of @vicmadz and Irene of @mindanaoan, who can also share strategies based on their respective fields of expertise, serve as the lead volunteer organizers of HATCH Mastermind Group CDO.

“Cagayan de Oro is a thriving city. There are lots of investments coming in and there are lots of new and possible marketing strategies. With that also comes lots of new and possible challenges. HATCH aims to gather creative minds, entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media practitioners, investors and artists and together we discuss online and offline business, online marketing, startup and consulting mindsets, e-commerce and many more.”

hatch mastermind group cdo

The first HATCH Mastermind Group CDO meeting is set on February 24, 2016, 6PM at Boy Zugba, Corrales Street. No registration fees but participants are encouraged to purchase food at the venue.

To register, visit:

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