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BREAKING: CDO rafting companies seek rate increase, opening of new routes

Want to experience white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro? Better do it real soon as the Oro Association of Rafters or OAR is now set to increase the uniform rates.

In a letter-request accompanied by a resolution duly signed by all member rafting outfitters addressed to CDO Vice Mayor Ian Acenas through Tourism Committee Chairman Councilor Candy Darimbang, OAR reasoned that the old rates were established in 2008 and since then, no price increases were implemented.

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OAR reasoned that there’s a need to address the wear and tear of the rafting equipment, which are usually sourced from overseas, and the need to invest more on safety since the LGU released new safety guidelines via Task Force Rapids. OAR also said that there is a need to invest more on the river guides via trainings and seminars in order to meet international standards.

The Oro Association of Rafters has 6 outfitter-members in CDO namely Great White Water Tours, Golden Friendship White Water Rafting, 1st Rafting Adventure, Kagay, Bugsay and Red Rafts.

The association proposes the following rate increase:

From Aura to Cabula – Php 1,200 (currently Php 700)
From Uguiaban to Cabula – Php 1,800 (currently Php 1,000)
From Dansolihon to Cabula – Php 1,500 (currently Php 800)

The association also wants that new routes be opened and that the old routes be renamed.

Under their proposal, they want the Aura to Cabula route be renamed to “Lower Section,” the Uguiaban to Cabula route “Mid-Section” and the Dansolihon to Cabula route “Lower-Mid Section.”

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As for the new routes, these will be:

From Quarry to Cabula/Upper-Mid Section (proposed rate is Php 2,500)
From Tignapoloan to Aura/Upper Section (proposed rate is Php 3,500)
From Uguiaban to Aura (Just 1 hour raft section) – proposed rate is Php 1,000

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As of this writing, OAR is completing the last few requirements before they can increase the uniform rates. OAR also told that the CDO rafting rate increase may be implemented by March 2016.

What are your thoughts about this proposal to increase the rates for Cagayan de Oro river rafting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Please feel free to share this, too 🙂 Thanks!

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