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Surviving my first ever fun run – Freedom Run 2015 CDO

It’s probably not just mere coincidence that my first ever fun run in my entire life was dubbed “Freedom Run 2015.” In a way, me joining Freedom Run CDO 2015 does depict freedom — freedom or breaking free from taking my health for granted, from thinking that crash and fancy diets work and even from a silly plan to just save up and undergo lipo procedures in the future.

This may even sound curious but after years of promoting running events on a few of my blogs, it was only this time that I’ve finally, FINALLY resolved to join one. Of course, my recent interest in doing weights, going to the gym and doing CrossFit has something to do with this, too.

So, yes, Freedom Run 2015 CDO really did, in many ways than one, mean freedom for me and my “new lease in life.”

freedom run 2015 cdo

Through the generosity of Circle Productions, I was given two free slots for the Freedom Run Cagayan de Oro 5K category.

A few days before the event, I was chatting with my pal Kyle Jennermann, that guy behind the popular #BecomingFilipino videos, and he sounded interested in the thought of running again so I offered the extra slot to him. He accepted. So, on a Thursday afternoon, a few days before the run, we went to get our race kits. Hence, the consecutive numbers on our race bibs, see?

kyle jennermann girlfriend

On race day, we agreed to meet an hour prior to the gun start so we could have coffee. Minutes later, this fun bunch composed of fellow CDO Bloggers joined us. Off to the starting point!

But, first, we took a “groufie” 😛

kyle jennermann becoming filipino girlfriend

And another one. Although this really was a group shot and no longer a “wefie.” (I know, I know, this generation has strange terms for photos!)

freedom run 2015 cdo bloggers

At exactly 5:30 AM, the race started and off we went!

So okay, technically I didn’t run all the way. It was more like a run-walk-run-walk-and-then-walk-some-more scenario but it was my first time and it was a 5K! So I think it’s excusable that I have photos like these, no? 🙂

freedom run 2015 cdo

Those lovely ladies beside me are fellow CDO Bloggers Ruby and her daughter Micah.

It really was, quite literally, a fun run for us!

An hour later – HOORAY! We made it to the finish line – and yes, Kyle was there, patiently waiting and cheering for his girls haha!

I survived my very first fun run and hey, it was a 5K! WOOHOO!

freedom run 2015 cdo

Thank you very much to Circle Productions (thank you Sir Jeffrey, my fellow Islands Souvenirs I Heart CDO ambassador Sir Francis and Miss Marge), Kyle, Vic, CDO Bloggers, NutriFitCGY and Sprint Multisport Store! I had fun! That won’t certainly be my last 🙂

And to YOU who’s reading this – try and join a fun run soon. You can even start with a 3K. Baby steps! Trust me, once you cross that finish line, you’ll feel a certain kind of fulfillment and joy. Go, go!

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