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Teenage Time Killer New Album to Feature Big Names

The alternative rock group Corrosion of Conformity spent years on the underground circuit, gaining fans through the band’s unique musical skills and their sometimes shocking antics. Though the group broke up in more recent years, several former band members announced plans to form a new group called Teenage Time Killer. Not long after forming that band, Rise Records confirmed that it signed the group to a new record deal. Though some wondered if the band could be a success, Teenage Time Killer grabbed some big names to work on an upcoming album.

Dave Grohl

Music fans like Jordan Kurland know Dave Grohl as the lead singer for the alternative rock band Foo Fighters. Prior to working with that band, Grohl was in Nirvana with legendary singer Kurt Cobain. After Cobain’s shocking suicide in the 1990s, Grohl took some time off before later forming Foo Fighters. The band won dozens of awards over the years and found their way to the top of alternative rock and rock charts around the world. Grohl recently confirmed that he would work with Teenage Time Killer on the band’s first album.

Corey Taylor

Singer Corey Taylor found success as the lead singer of the alternative rock band Slipknot. Often spotted on stage wearing his trademark mask, he found that covering his face let him indulge his wild side and do things he might not otherwise do. While touring with Slipknot, Taylor formed a second band called Stone Sour. Though still part of the alternative rock circuit, Stone Sour songs were a little more mellow. When touring with Stone Sour, Taylor left his trademark mask at home. According to some industry insiders, Taylor agreed to work with Teenage Time Killer and provide some vocals for the band’s debut album.

An All Star Lineup

In addition to Taylor and Grohl, Kurland and other music fans might be surprised at some of the names attached to this upcoming album. Randy Blythe from Lambs of God, Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker and Neil Fallon from Clutch will also participate on the album. Other artists attached to the album include Red Fang, Keith Morris and Jello Biafra. Some recent reports indicate that the album will feature vocals and music performed by some of the top artists from the 1970s through the present day. Though the album does not yet have a release date, many think this will be one of the top albums of 2015.

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