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PHOTOS: Giant Philippine Eagle along BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao border)

Traversing the Bukidnon – Davao (BuDa) highway? If you’re entering or leaving Davao City via Bukidnon, you might want to watch out for really cool sculptures at Barangay Baganihan, Marilog District, Davao.

This huge Philippine Eagle sculpture, crafted by Cotabato-born, fellow Mindanaoan Kublai Millan, is a sight to behold.


Just a few steps away from the Philippine Eagle sculpture, there are also sculptures of Mindanao tribesmen and children. The sculptures are reminiscent of the yearly Kadayawan Festival.


There’s also a “Welcome to Davao” sign 🙂


There is no entrance fee and there are no other fees here. There may be locals who will sell you native handicrafts, though 🙂 I bought some bracelets (Php 10.00 each only!). Nice way to help support the local community.

BuDa is about 3 hours away from Davao City proper.

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  • Rosie

    Hi, When we visited, there were locals there selling goods. They will almost mob you. Getting in very close and yelling in your face trying to sell their products. It was very off putting. So we did not purchase anything. I would have perused a stand of goods etc but with how they moved in on our group we were just thinking of our safety and purchasing anything was not an option.

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