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Handmade acoustic guitars

Whether you play guitar for friends or as a professional, great sound quality can make a real difference. Guitar players of all kinds, from folk to bluegrass to jazz, understand the beautiful sounds that can come from acoustic handmade guitars.

Those who make acoustic guitars can be true craftsmen. They are generally called luthiers, a word of French derivation for someone who builds stringed instruments of different kinds. When you are looking for good acoustic sound, you can search for local luthiers or find online collections, like those at, which represent various builders and allow you to browse different types of guitars.

Many players of popular music today enjoy playing on acoustic steel stringed guitars. When you shop online, you can find quality instruments made by renowned craftsmen and purchase them new or used. In addition to steel guitars, you can also find classical guitars. Unlike the metal strings of steel stringed guitars, classical guitars generally use nylon strings or other kinds of polymers. The classical guitars made today are generally modern classical guitars, with a shape and form influenced by the designs of Jurado, a Spanish luthier in the 19th century.

Handmade guitars can be made from a variety of types of wood, including Blackwood, Spruce, Maple, Cedar and Rosewood. It’s not unusual to see a few different kinds of wood listed in the description of a single guitar, since the top, back and sides of a guitar, along with its bracings, are generally made from different materials. The kinds of woods used in the various pieces of the guitar affect the sound and tone of a particular instrument. Renowned craftsmen are also often known for the beauty of the guitars they make, and sometimes wood is chosen for its aesthetic qualities as well.

Certain types of wood are sometimes associated with different types of music. For example, mahogany is a popular choice among bluegrass players. However, there are many woods that are considered versatile and are used for guitars across a spectrum of musical styles. Probably one of the best ways to find out what kind of woods you prefer is to actually play a variety of handmade guitars before choosing one to purchase. Well-crafted handmade instruments are a big investment, so take some time to find a guitar whose sound you love.

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