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Dulaang Atenista XU’s Sa North Diversion Road play

When I received an invitation from Shaun to watch Dulaang Atenista – Xavier University’s “Sa North Diversion Road” play, I honestly threw all expectations out of the window. That strategy apparently worked well for me because for someone who doesn’t get impressed so easily, Dulaang Atenista’s version of the award-winning play was so worth my time I felt it would have¬†almost been a sin¬†should I have missed it.

Directed by Jay Rey Alovera, Dulaang Atenista’s version of the play starred Maria Mercedes Batar and Client Ray Cosin, both of whom gave emotional, stellar performances way beyond what’s most probably expected of their age.

“Sa North Diversion Road” is composed of 10 brief stories of 10 different couples as they drive along the North Diversion Road in the Philippines. The common denominator in all of these stories – infidelity.

dulaang-atenista-xavier-sa-north-diversion-rad dulaang-atenista-xu-sa-north-diversion-road

The transitions (costume change, blackout, hair and make-up alterations) between the stories were pretty quick and both actors (not to mention the staff and crew) made it appear so easy and painless. Mind you, they had to “introduce” new characters for every story.

dulaang-atenista-xu-sa-north-diversion-road dulaang-atenista-xu-sa-north-diversion-road dulaang-atenista-xu-sa-north-diversion-road dulaang-atenista-xu-sa-north-diversion-road

I truly enjoyed watching! I’m glad to know that there are lots of good, promising actors and actresses in the city. I’m pretty sure these kids will go a long way!

Congratulations, Dulaang Atenista! Special shoutouts to Shaun, Mara and Client Ray! Good job, guys, good job!

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