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Let these T’boli dancers welcome you to Sarangani

I arrived in Sarangani, Mindanao a day before the official start of the Sarangani Bay Festival 2014. And for very good reason – the pretty and amiable Michelle Lopez-Solon, a.k.a. the better half of Sarangani Governor Steve Solon and the lead organizer of SarBayFest2014, invited me and a few other blogger-friends to a mini tour of Sarangani!

The tour of Sarangani was something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. Sarangani, after all, does not only boast of rich natural resources but of culture and tradition as well.

Our first stop was a barangay in Kiamba, Sarangani. There, we were met by happy, smiling faces led by Lyn Lambago, the founder of the Lemuhen Cultural Dance Troupe. Organized in 2007, the dance troupe was borne out of Lyn’s observation that the T’boli culture in their community was slowly diminishing. She then started teaching young children various T’boli dances in the hope that she continues to inspire them to be proud of their culture.

Here are some of the photos I took of the members of the Lemuhen Cultural Dance Troupe when they performed for us that day. I also took a video which you can view further below.






It was truly a beautiful presentation of the rich culture of the T’boli tribe. It reminded me of just how amazing living in Mindanao is.

We also partook of delicious native food for breakfast that day. I’ll share more about that in my succeeding posts. Please follow this Sarangani feed 🙂

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