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Fun Things To Do On Your Winter Vacation

If you’re heading for the mountains or other snowy retreats, you might think that there will be little to do when the weather is so cold and the roads are closed. But think again! Here are just six ways to break a sweat even when it’s -10°F and falling.

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1: Skiing

One of the most popular winter pastimes in the world, skiing is a great way for beginners and experienced athletes alike to enjoy the thrill of a snow-capped mountain. Take a lift to the very peak of the cliffs, then go sailing down the edge with the wind in your hair and only two thin sticks between you and the rushing ground.

2: Snowboarding

Do an ollie on top of the world when you snowboard at extreme altitudes. With tailgrabs, poptarts and shifties, even fallen logs can turn into a daring obstacle course when you’re racing down an incline and performing tricks of great skill.

3: Sleigh Riding

It may have been co-opted by Santa Claus, but sleigh riding actually has a long and dedicated history that begins with working dog sledders and ends with recreational fun. You won’t even need a reindeer to enjoy the practice; large snow cats are de rigueur.

4: Snowshoeing

Explore parts of the mountain that no one else gets to see when go snowshoeing. Being on foot means that you can wander through caves, hike around valleys and slog through the kind of deep powder that prevents travel to other visitors. You’ll enjoy one-of-a-kind scenery as well as excellent aerobic exercise.

5: Tubing

In many ways, tubing on snow is just like tubing on water. Depending on the size of your tube, the wind resistance in the air and the general incline of the hill, it can be anywhere from a leisurely slide cruise to a death-defying hurdle. Remember all the fun you had on those water slides at the amusement park? It’s like that.

6: Ice Skating

You don’t have to be Yuna Kim to appreciate the glistening ice and snow-crusted trees offered by a natural ice skating lake. Just make sure you’ve cleared its safety with local administrators!

These are six ways to get your adrenaline pumping even in the middle of winter. Whether you’re dreaming of triple axles or Colorado college ski trips, you won’t want to miss these great activities to make your day on the mountain one of excitement and adventure.

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