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Hear my voice over at Bubbly

I’m a bit enamored with a phone app these days. It’s called Bubbly and it lets you share your voice with the world. Although I know a few folks who have been using it for a while now (like the kulit boys of Rivermaya band), I only just listen to their voice blogs. I finally decided to download the app and use it last week. And my first try? Me singing “If I Believe,” inspired by the Patti Austin – Lea Salonga duet on The Voice Philippines several nights back 🙂

Did you listen? I’d be happy if you could leave comments below. Be kind though 😀 😛

And I got a bit lucky, by the way! One of Bubbly’s accounts, @BubblyPicks, chose me (@mindanaoan) for their #FollowFriday mention 🙂 Pretty cool, right? 🙂 I’m tickled pink 😉 (Thanks Bubbly!)

Here are my two other voice blog posts via Bubbly. You can listen to me sing (*gulp*) but I promise I will also post non-musical stuff next time 😀

Why not download the Bubbly app, too? It’s available for both iOS and Android 🙂 Visit the Bubbly official website to know more about this fantastic app!

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