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How to choose 2013 homecoming dresses

DressProm offers a wide assortment of dresses for any girl, body type, body size, skin tone or personality. Whether your daughter is a punk girl with short pink hair or a heavy-set brunette with long, bouncy curls, you’ll be able to find a dress she loves and feels comfortable in. Keep in mind while you shop for prom dresses whether your daughter can re-wear the dress. For example, if you opt for a short, black dress with minimal lace, your daughter can re-wear the garment as a cocktail dress later on for business parties or college events. Any shorter dress can typically be re-worn especially to business functions.

If your daughter prefers a longer gown, though, consider opting for something modest that could double as a bridesmaid dress or even something she could wear to a funeral. Once you pick out the best dress, it’s time to shop for shoes. Make sure your daughter tries on the shoes. Are they comfortable? Are they easy to walk in? Are they painful? Are they too difficult to balance in? Most importantly, will they still feel good after an evening of dancing? Make sure your daughter finds something that not only goes fantastic with the dress, but that is comfortable, as well.

Remember that many teens go to after-prom parties so her clothing should be something she can move easily in.

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