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Laguindingan International Airport To Open On April 2013

UPDATE: The opening has been deferred to JUNE 15, 2013 although it must be emphasized that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines – Northern Mindanao office has YET to receive a formal, official order from Malacanan Palace.

Finally! The most-awaited opening of the Laguindingan International Airport will finally be held on April 30, 2013. This, according to Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III himself.

During Aquino’s most recent visit to Northern Mindanao (actually, the very same day Team PNoy visited Alubijid and Cagayan de Oro City to kickstart their Mindanao sorties), he shared the good news – Laguindingan Airport will be operational by April 30, 2013. Not 100 percent operational, however, but it will definitely play host to several flights. The major areas nearest Laguindingan are Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Camiguin and Bukidnon.

Here’s President Noynoy inspecting Laguindingan Airport Misamis Oriental:

The Php 7.9 Billion Laguindingan Airport will take over Lumbia Airport‘s “responsibilities.” Currently, flights to and fro Cagayan de Oro are served at Lumbia. When the new international airport in Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao opens, however, all flights will be diverted there.

Here’s a satellite photo of the Laguindingan Aiport:

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Laguindingan Airport is about 45 minutes away from Cagayan de Oro City proper. Which means travelers now have to manage their time better. Remember – you have to be at the airport 2 hours before a domestic flight and at least 3 hours before an international flight.

As you can see, the area where the airport is is pretty huge. And the road leading towards the airport doesn’t have too many trees just yet.

The Laguindingan Airport project was funded through a Php 5.1 Billion loan provided by the Korean Import Export Bank. The Philippine government also pitched in Php 2.9 Billion.

So who’s excited for the opening of Laguindingan International Airport?

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  • J-P Tymowski

    Am presently living in Geneva Switzerland.
    Do often come to Iligan City, where my half lives.
    I have been waiting for the opening of this beautiful airport for two years. It is certainly a gain of time (traveling to Iligan) and also a safer place to land.
    Hope it won’t be delayed again.

  • Alden

    Could anyone help me? i would like to know how we could get to Camiguin coming from Laguindingan airport . My itinerary was already ok but suddenly, pal express sent us an email saying that our flight from manila to Lumbia airport wold be transfered to the new Laguindingan airport. =(

    • Hi Alden, thanks for your comment. From Laguindingan, you can either take the bus to CDO proper (that’s about an hour away) or take a taxi (mahal siya, minimum na ang Php 1,000 – yikes!). If you take the bus, dun sa Bulua Bus Terminal ang last stop niya. From there, you can either take a jeepney or taxi papuntang Agora Bus Terminal (if you take the taxi, it’ll probably cost mga Php 150). From Agora, take a bus papuntang Gingoog or Butuan. Tell the conductor na hanggang Balingoan lang kayo, where the ferry to Camiguin is. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you still need more help 🙂

      • Alden

        Thanks for the reply. My plan is to catch the 8am fastcraft ferry in Macabalan port. Do you think i would be able to get there by 8am if my flight from manila would be 5:20am? and how will i get to macabalan port from Laguindingan airport. thank you in advance.

        • Hi Alden, do you mean that your flight from Manila leaves at 5:20 AM? If so, you’ll arrive at CDO mga roughly 6:40 AM. Considering you’ll get pa your baggage and leave the airport and stuff, let’s say you leave the airport na 7 AM, you may still be able to catch the 8 AM fastcraft (which one are you planning to take by the way?). But it’ll be quite a risk. We’re not sure kasi if there’ll be traffic along the way. Are you arriving on a weekend?

          From Laguindingan, best option is to take a taxi if you really want to catch the 8 AM departure. Otherwise, you need to go to Balingoan and take the ferry from there.

      • Paul

        Is there anyway that I dont need to pass Agora Bus Terminal just to catch a bus going to Balingoan Terminal? I mean is there any direct bus coming from Laguindingan (or nearby area) going to Balingoan Terminal. Thanks.

  • Alden

    we’ll be taking the OceanJet fastcraft sana. Our flight would be on June5 (Wednesday). I’m afraid that we might not make it on time sa Macabalan port. according to our flight detail, the plane would land in Laguindingan airport by 6:55am. how much do you think would the taxi cost us from Laguindingan airport going to Macabalan port?

  • marites kelley

    how about those people that come from u.s do they need to stop to manila? or the flight is continue from japan to laguindingan? thats my big question i hope somebody could give me a right answer because if it is a direct flight without stopping in manila that would be great. Thank you im hopping for a reply…

  • Marla

    Is there a bus terminal in Laguindingan, if so, will they fill the bus? Or the bus just passes by? How long is the travel time from Laguindingan to Bulua bus terminal?

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