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Enter the “Balwarte” of the Jalosjos clan – Zamboanga

A few weeks ago, I joined a Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) – organized workshop. Media practitioners from all over Mindanao attended it. I think Mindanaoan was the only one from the “non-traditional” or online media community.

Anyways, I met some Zamboanga-based journalists and they all shared the current political landscape in their area. They said that the May 2013 elections will be another show of force by the popular Jalosjos clan. I wanted to know more about how the members of the Jalosjos clan practically lorded over Zamboanga del Norte / Zamboanga Peninsula for many years and how, as my Zamboanga journalist friends would say, a “blessing” from someone like Romeo Jalosjos would spell a “sure win.”

Fortunately, TV5 recently visited Zamboanga and interviewed not only Romeo Jalosjos, Bullet Jalosjos and Nene Jalosjos but their critics as well. TV5’s Cheryl Cosim went to Zamboanga and found out the scope of influence and power of Romeo Jalosjos, recognized as the province’s “Kingpin.” She also found out if the alliance between two influential families – the Lobregats and the Climacos – can be a force to reckon with and can topple down the Jalosjos name.

Together let’s find out. Watch “Balwarte,” 11 PM over TV5 and Aksyon TV.

There will be other Mindanao “Balwartes” that will be featured so I highly suggest that all of us in Mindanao watch the documentaries. Follow “Balwarte” on Facebook: Balwarte. You can also follow them on Twitter: @balwarte2013 #balwarte

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