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How to donate to Hurricane Sandy victims

Just because we’re thousands of miles away from the East Coast of the United States of America should not stop us from helping those in need. Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast earlier this week and left millions of people without homes, water, electricity and food. So many people including kids have also died because of the “Frankenstorm.” According to news reports, damages have so far reached at least US $20 Billion.

You and I can help even though we’re far away. Just like what I heard on TV early today, “It’s not about charity, it’s about humanity.”

Let’s send prayers their way. We can also donate.

One way for you to donate to Hurricane Sandy victims is via iTunes. If you have an iTunes account, you can donate in increments ranging from $5 to $200 with one click. According to Apple, makers of iTunes, you can donate by merely entering your Apple ID information. One hundred percent of the donations will go to directly to the American Red Cross.

You can also go straight to the American Red Cross website. You can visit the Sandy donations page HERE. Please contribute at least US $10 (roughly Php 400.00) This is the minimum online contribution but you can donate over and over again.

Lastly, you can also donate via World Vision. Please check out this donation link.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Just in case you’re wondering why this issue is dear to my heart, I have a few reasons.

First off, I was in New York just a few months ago and I fell in love with the Big Apple. The photo on this page is one of the photos I took during a visit to Times Square. Anybody who has been to New York will most probably agree with me – it is a place that will take your breath away. Secondly, I know how it is to ask for donations. Last December 2011, when Typhoon Sendong hit Northern Mindanao, Philippines, I spearheaded several donation drives and relief distribution activities. Needless to say, everything was a challenge – both physically and emotionally.

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