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Multiply goes to CDO

Before the big Facebook takeover and during those days when Friendster put a limit to the number of photos you can upload, everyone was at Multiply.

Back then, Multiply was where you can find your friends’ photos (tons of them!), favorite videos and blog entries. Multiply was also where you can practice simple HTML skills – change the font size, place your “welcome greeting” on the center etc. Multiply also allowed users to see who already “viewed” their sites so unless a person kept his or her account totally private, it was a bit of challenge for everyone to upload comment-worthy or “view-worthy” entries. And yes, Multiply was also the home of so many budding Filipino entrepreneurs – all who maximized Multiply’s site features to sell everything from shoes to bags to homemade pastries. I remember Multiply sending out an announcement that using the site for commercial purposes was not allowed. Boy, that caused quite a stir.

Fast forward 2011 and the online landscape has changed. And so has Multiply. These days, the site that started out as a social networking service in 2004 has evolved into something very promising. These days, not only does Multiply welcome and embrace entrepreneurs and let them use all the site’s features, Multiply is actually now an e-commerce site!

In a recent #MultiplyGoesToCDO – Multiply Goes To CDO event, I had the chance to see the cool site changes. More and more online sellers now use Multiply to transact business. And here’s why. Meet the all new

The new platform now allows faster, easier business transactions and quicker payment and delivery options. In as easy as 1-2-3, you can set up a spanking brand new online store over at Multiply!

I’m happy to report that I was actually able to create a new Multiply online shopping store in about 5 minutes. It’s really THAT easy to do now 🙂

Thanks to Multiply for the event invite and for fellow entrepreneurs out there, try the all new Multiply platform and grow your business 🙂

Here’s another video from Multiply that may inspire especially the owners of SMEs:

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  • Exciting change and focus for I am now thinking of how can I maximize my old multiply account as it has become my photo album online. Just got my EON card and hello to online shopping. Yey!

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