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Nurturing nature in Galapagos Islands

Are you a lover of nature? Ever wanted to be an environmental activist? If you’re like me who has always wanted to do something that could help preserve and nurture nature, then you might want to also go on a “nature tour” aboard Galapagos Cruises.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, 1000 kilometers or roughly 600 miles off the west coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands are comprised of more than sixty islands as well as islets. Galapagos is also one of the largest protected areas in the world. The entire island area measures about 138,000 km2. I’ve read that the Galapagos Islands have fascinated a lot of explorers as well as environmentalists for a very long time now.

And because joining Galapagos Cruises is now a part of my bucket list, I did a little research and found a website that offered tours around these beautiful islands.

Check out what the Galapagos Explorer offers to guests:

1. Convertible double beds
2. Extra sofa bed for triple accommodation
3. Mini-bar with several local and international snacks and drinks
4. Flat TV with three channels
5. Marble bathroom with shower and biodegradable toiletries
6. Safety deposit box in your suite
7. Large closets
8. Satellite communication from your suite
9. Wireless internet
10. 110/220 volt outlets
11. Hair-dryer
12. Vanity dresser
13. Room service
14. Maximum occupation per suite: 3

Let’s go!

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  • Galapagos travel

    Simple reasons to visit Galapagos:
    exuberant nature, wild life, blue footed boobies, whales, giant tortoises and beautiful beaches for surfers!

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