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Win tickets to the Greatest Hits Tour Manila featuring a1, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Blue!

Win tickets to the Greatest Hits Tour Manila featuring a1, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Blue!

Hi everybody! I’ll make this short and simple. I’m giving away four (4) general admission tickets to the upcoming Greatest Hits concert featuring a1, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Blue! The Manila leg will be held on February 25, 2012 (Saturday), 8 PM, Smart Araneta Coliseum.

So are you ready to win some tickets for yourself and three of your friends? Read on and share!

Contest mechanics:

– You must be a subscriber of CLICK HERE to subscribe (don’t forget to verify your email address, okay? 🙂 )

– Follow the Official Facebook Page

– Follow the Drake World Entertainment Twitter account (

– Follow the Wilbros Live Twitter account (

– Tell me what you like about Jeff Timmons, a1 and Blue. You must have at least one (1) sentence about EACH artist, okay? 🙂

Example: I love a1 because of their catchy songs! I like Blue because they’re all gorgeous men. I just love Jeff Timmons because he’s so sexy and has a beautiful voice!

– Post your answers in the comments section below


* To increase your chances of winning these tickets, ask your 3 other friends to join and post their answers below as well 🙂

– Please include your name and please post your full email address in the “Email” section when posting below so I can contact you if you win. You also have the option to just leave your first name or a pseudonym but you must leave a valid email address since I will contact you should you win!

– Deadline of sending in your comments/entries to this mini online contest is on February 18, 2012

– We will announce the winner of this blog giveaway here on this site on February 20, 2012

Terms and conditions:

– Contest is open to everyone no matter where you are in the world but obviously you need to be here in the Philippines on February 25, 2012 to be able to watch the concert

– All valid entries will be raffled off via Random (dot) org

– The winner is responsible for getting the tickets from the Wilbros office (on or before February 23, 2012 or contact their office at 3742222 to make arrangements)

– The winner must give his/her full name, complete valid Philippine address and contact number/s for verification

– Upon receipt of email confirming his/her win, the winner must also provide the email address that he/she used to subscribe to and the Twitter account that he/she used to follow @asiantouring and @wilbroslive

– Use of profanities / slurs / racist statements will automatically disqualify the entry

– Decision of will be FINAL and no correspondence will be entertained


Daghang salamat!

* Thank you so much to Drake World Entertainment and Wilbros Live for supporting this mini contest!

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  • maricris caringal

    i love a1 because they rock my world.i love blue because they have a relaxing voice.i love jeff because he is so adorable.

  • Jeanette Tan

    I love blues music… Seen them live before and I want to hear them again… I just love jeff Timmons so much his my favorite from 98 degrees got all their album and I got 3 copies of jeff’s album seen him in concert twice…A1 well it will be my first to see n hear them, but I heard they are good too.. Tnx

  • maricart paraso

    i super love A1 because they make me complete. I like BLUE because their music are really amazing. I love Jeff Timmons because he is cute and humble.

    • maricar a. paraso

      sorry i typed my name incorrectly,its MARICAR not MARICART..hope u will still consider me,,thank you..

      I super love A1 because they make me complete. I love BLUE because their music is really amazing.I love Jeff Timmons because he is humble and cute.

  • Kristine Joy Almonte

    I love A1, Blue, Jeff Timmons because of their powerful and unique voice. And all of them have a beautiful song that will never forgotten. 🙂

  • Araceli Lorico

    I love Jeff timmons because he seems so down-to-earth guy, and we both love Pancit 😀 And i like his songs. I love Blue because of their yp beat music, cool dance moves and nice voices.. I love a1 because they are unique, they write their own songs, they play instruments, cool voices and they can dance as well.

  • nomercymaster

    i love A1 because of they are great song writers and they are funny and witty, i love BLUE because of their great songs and i love JEFF TIMMONS because of his voice.

  • Mary Jane Francisco

    I love a1 because they are very talented,very handsome,they have many great songs,they are amazing and perfect for me.
    I love blue because they can perform very well.
    I love jeff because he’s cute and talented.

  • DustinDrakeDale

    I love Jeff Timmons because he’s my ULTIMATE crush! Can I just say that he really did great when he sang South Border’s Rainbow?

    I love Blue because I like their songs especially “Best In Me”. I know this by heart.

    I love A1 because their songs “Like a Rose” and “Take on Me” bring back a lot of sweet memories. 😉

  • Mich Ty

    I love A1 and I’ve memorized almost all of their songs! I hope I get to watch them live and see the real people behind the music!

  • Mery Rose Ann Ponce

    I love Jeff Timmons cos he’s so cute, hot, sexy and he’s my fave 98 degrees member. I love Blue because they have cool sounds. I super love a1 not just because they are good looking but most of all is their sounds of music, they write their own material, can dance and sing so amazing.

  • JoannaZuzette B. Biong

    i love BLUE because since i was in grade school i am a number one fan. I like their songs, i also bought poster, cd’s, tapes,, so much want to win a ticket. Blue songs is always the best for me. i also like 98 degrees and AI, but among of them BLUE is number 1 for me.

  • Karen

    I love a1 because they make their own songs, and it’s good! Plus Ben is super cute and his voice is unique.
    I like Blue for their songs like Best In Me.
    I like Jeff Timmons because he is talented and seems sweet.

  • Sally Kho

    I like a1 because their songs are very emotional and powerful. Plus Ben is so sexy 🙂
    I like Blue because they have some nice songs!
    I like Jeff because he is so HOT! Plus an amazing voice!

  • Mark Kelvin Espinosa

    I like BLUE because they have a good harmony of their songs, A1 because of their songs like “Like a rose and Take on me” and lastly I like Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees because of his good quality of voice, very relaxing.

  • Neil Reyes

    I love A1 because they MAKE IT GOOD and their song TAKE ON ME. I love Blue because their songs are BUBBLIN’ to my ears and I am GUILTY of singing their songs waaay back in elementary and high school. I love Jeff Timmons because he is a part of 98 degrees which brought the songs I DO CHERISH YOU and BECAUSE OF YOU to life.

  • Bea Mae T. Colis

    OMG. I cannot express how long I have included “to meet A1” in my bucket list. They made my childhood so great. Blue made me proud as a Filipino when our local artists were included in the Asian version of their song One Love. And i cannot wait to hear Jeff Timmons sing I Do Cherish You, my future wedding march song! <3<3<3

  • Ohmygosh! I wanna cry when I found out about this contest!!

    I love A1 because their songs are just flawless and amazing and it makes me nostalgic listening to them.

    I love Jeff Timmons because I had the BIGGEST crush on him and I love hearing his voice together with 98 degrees.

    I love Blue because they provided the soundtrack of my childhood and I love their music!

  • I love Blue because they complete my childhood life 🙂
    I love A1 because they are just simply awesome and the songs are all amazing!
    I love Jeff Timmons because he’s a wonderful guy with a heart-dropping voice! 🙂

  • Lady Anne M.Mora

    I love Jeff Timmons because he is so hot,I love Blue song Bcoz I fee that I am TOO CLOSE to them and lastly I really love A1 coz they are not just a great singer but also they are songwriter also and all of them are so cute..

  • Irene

    what’s not to love about them? Jeff Timmons is so HUNKY and his voice is SEXY and HUSKY. A1 Songs are very sweet and their songs helped me through my High School days. BLUE!!!! I’ve waited for them for them for 9 Years. I’ve kept diaries dedicated to them. I remember when I used to collect Lyrics, pictures,CDs because I love them so much. I hope I win.

  • Krystyl Rodelas

    I love A1 because i’m an avid fan of Ben Adams…<3
    I love Blue because of the harmony of their songs.
    And i love Jeff Timmons… I wanna see his hotness next to Ben Adams! 🙂

  • Cherry Lesigues

    1st, i LOVE BOYBANDS ever since i was born and A1, Blue and 98degrees are part of it! theyre sooo talented, the y can sing , dance (some also act) :-). i love all their songs esp. Living the dream, youre not in love, the hardest thing, why are we still friends , Still, Flexin, No Goodbyes, Breathe easy. Cant wait to see them very soon ‘cos honestly never ko pa silang nakita in person kahit na many times na silang nakapunta dito sa PH. 🙁 Hope i win! thanks! 🙂

  • Wenefreda Gonzales

    I love a1 because they are one of the people who inspire me in life.I love blue because there songs are really catchy.I love jeff timmons he’s a very good singer.

  • minerva bacsal

    I’ve always been in love with the music of 98degrees esp. jeff timmons’s voice, i like blue bec. they have that distinct sound & style last but definitely not the least a1 is the boyband closest to my heart don’t ask me why cuz i have endless reasons why..=)

  • Erika

    I love A1 because I just do. I love Blue because I just do. I love Jeff Timmon’s because I just do. I love them all because of reasons!

  • peachgirl

    I love A1 because they make great music and really pasionnate about music since they composed their songs. What I like about Blue is their great songs. I love Jeff Timmons voice and body!:D

  • i love this boybands because they are a great musicians! they music’s inspires most of the people who are hearfelt and dreamer.. they’re songs has a great great meaning for everybody, eversince i heard them, i inspire more to it. thats why i love boybands.

  • HaraMarie

    I love a1 because they are nice person not just physical but nice in the sense that they are really good person at heart. i love blue because they are good combination to each other in voice…i love jeff because he is so cute 🙂

  • Maria Danica Espiritu

    Since I was 10. yrs. old I Love Boyvands especially a1 .
    I Love a1 because they are very talented they can write their own song , they can dance and they also rock my world !
    I Love Blue because they’re songs are vary catchy .
    I Love Jeff Timmons because he’s handsome and he’s hot ! he’s very talented too !

  • Twinkle Dicen

    I LOVE a1 because they are so talented, they wrote their own songs ” unlike other known artist do” , and most of all they are down to earth person, they are talking to their fans, sending a birth day message if its your Birthday, and they know how to appreciate what their fans do for them,… and ohhhh sometimes they are so funny too ” they know how to make us laugh, they know how to entertain their fans “, their music inspire a lot of people….LOVE THEM

    I love Blue because, I love their songs also, they are so talented and handsome…;)

    I love Jeff because, I think he is NICE ” cant believe i received a message from him” love his song too, very talented,..;)

  • Alexus Pastrana

    I like A1 because there songs are the one which I grow up to, songs which are very meaningful and catchy, thanks to their nice voices, and EVERYTIME i hear them, it feels like i’m LIVING THE DREAM, Blue because, when I listen to their songs, it really brings out the BEST IN ME, and Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees because their songs are so relaxing, that I will CHERISH them.

    They’re boybands with talents, their songs have real value and meaning, songs which others don’t have, that’s why I will still listen to their songs. They always make my day!

  • i love jeff timmons coz he’s cute.
    i love a1 coz i practically grew up with their songs.
    i love blye coz they have simon webb who sang one of my favorite inspiring songs of all time “no worries”.
    <3 <3 <3

  • i love jeff timmons coz he’s cute.
    i love a1 coz i practically grew up with their songs.
    i love blUe coz they have simon webb who sang one of my favorite inspiring songs of all time “no worries”.
    <3 <3 <3

  • i love a1 because of their music inspired me so much and sing my passion with love.
    i love blue because i am so much fanatic of this English pop band and they encourage me to show what i am and who i am now by means of their influence in music and also touching my life by inspiring them in some aspect not only for an artist but also being a good person.
    i love and like Jeff Timmons not only for a member of 98 degrees or good singer, i like him because of their personality and very hardworking man aside that i honored him because of his good personality helping people especially childrens he has many foundation, charity and organization which is very proud of what his doing.

  • i love A1 because of their songs, always heart felt like “everytime”. JEFF TIMMONS is the best in 98 degrees & the hottest that’s why i love him so much. There is no doubt that i also love BLUE they’re my “One love” & i’m “Guilty”.

  • : I love a1 cause thy’re so talented,the voice, the choreography..,everything and I want most there is Paul and even he’s not part of the group now I’m still supporting them and hoping one day Paul will reunite with them ’cause I love them already and they got me madly,heheh.. .
    :I love blue cause I found them great and songs are nice and catchy, making me feel fine when I feel “blue” 🙂
    :I like jeff timmons also he’s talented and inspiring in many ways especially in singing 🙂

  • Maureen Bacolod

    Jeff Timmons is hawt. Period. And I think he’s a nice guy with a good vocals. What I like most about Blue is Lee’s incredible voice that just makes their songs soulful. Don’t Treat Me Like a Fool and Guilty are such songs. Lastly, I don’t just like a1, I LOVE them. What’s not to love about them. They’re a bunch of passionate, talented, incredibly cool, good looking musicians! 🙂

  • Anna Liza Piodos

    Jeff Timmons is really cute and a good singer, I liked him even when he was still in 98 degrees. They are really great.
    I like Blue because of their songs of course .. hehehe ..
    They are all really good, but my super favorite is A1, esp. BEN ADAMS.. oh my God, he’s my first and high school crush and love .. even my theme song for my boyfriend that time was “Like a rose” .. Every time I hear that song, it reminds me of my high school first love, ben adams .. I was like always dreaming that Ben will treat me like a rose .. hahaha ..
    So that would be all ..
    I really hope to win, because i have never seen them in a concert, and i’m really hoping this time .. haha ..

  • I love A1 because of their heartfelt songs that can melt even the hardest heart here on Earth, they have angelic voice and most of all they are real handsome. I love Jeff Timmons because of his powerful voice that every girl would fall if they hear it, he is also handsome and sexy. I love Blue because they are one of my favorite boyband like the A1, they do sing very well, they are also handsome and most of all they are charming !

  • Rochelle Loyola

    I admire A1 because they treat us girls like a rose. They give us time to grow. They show their light of love on us. They give us air so we can breathe. They also give us strength so we stand tall. And especially, they make us feel loved.

    I like Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees because he and his band taught me that all my hopes and all my dreams would come true if I would’ve opened up my heart to feel a kind of love that’s truly real, a guiding light that’ll never fade.

    Lastly, I really really love Blue because from the moment they’ve opened their hearts to the world, i just knew they would be mine. They always bring out the best in me whenever I hear in their songs. That is why I will forever be by their side no matter what happens. I am an avid fan, and I know it feels right always to be by their side.

    <3 Love, Rochelle

  • I love Blue because of their voice. Their songs make me feel like going back to my youthful days again, same with A1 and Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees. I live Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees because I was in love with his voice too! I listen to 98 degrees before and their songs make me feel inspired. And last but not the least… A1!!! They are one of the first people who introduced me to the world of music. I got to know them when they are still a four-member group. To be honest, I like them because of Ben Adams… but when I started listening to their songs… I became an instant fan, not only because of Ben, but because of the whole group! Gah~ I would be so happy if I’ll see them this time, I’ve been a fan since 7 years old? <3

    - Bim

  • Jennyrose Tenorio

    I really really love A1..I love their songs, their voice everything about them..I’ve been their fans for 12 years..I also like Blue I like their song and the way they dance..and of course Jeff Timmons i like him since in 98 Degrees he looks sweet and had an awesome voice..They all talented and gorgeous..and really charming!!!:D

  • thina

    i love a1 since i was 12.. everytime i see an an article about them( in the news paper songhits,) i cut it and i paste it in my ” a1 Album” ihope i could see them but i dont have enaf monbey to buy tickets… i love a1 so much…

  • Ronalyn A. Martinez

    I love a1 as i love their songs it really makes me fall in love with them, I love blue like one love with all of their sweet , inspiring song. I love jeff timmons he’s so cute and really had a good voice.

  • Ilonah Jane Olavere

    I really love a1 and admired them because they are truly professionals of making songs on their own albums. Their music makes me so alive and at sometimes make me sad. That’s why i’m fall in love with them and they are the best ever.

    Jeff Timmons is one of the best vocalist of 98 degrees. Lovable voice and handsome.

    Last but not the least Blue, singing with all they hearts for the girls. The meaningful lyrics from their songs.

  • Erlinda Villamil

    I love blue because they are good persons, I heard they give sympathy to all the victims of flood in CDO, they are so nice and yeah! I love their music, they can sing from the heart and they can dance as well.

    I love Jeff of 98degree because he is a nice guy, he tries so hard to notice all of his fans because he loves them. I love his music, from disco to mellow, very touching. And, I know Philippines have a special part on his heart.

    And finally, who wouldn’t love a1? they are so adorable, good looking, very kind, a great musician. They write their own song straight from their heart, they can sing and dance very well. For their short period of time in the industry as a1 (before they split up) they proved that they are 1 of the best band ever. (you can see the amount of their followers). They are also a good persons just look what their doing in cebu right now. 🙂

  • Alter Calimbo

    I like blue because of their songs, they are so talented.

    I like jeff timmons especially when he is still a part of the band 98degree, i like their songs, they are really singing from the heart.

    I like a1, actually my girlfriend loves them so much since day 1st. That is why I join to this contest, I want her to see a1 personally. Its a dream come true for her. Anyway, a1 is the best band I’ve ever known.

  • Tea

    I love A1 because their songs remind me of my childhood. I love Blue because they jive so well vocally and their cover of Next’s Too Close is one of my favorite songs ever. I love Jeff Timmons because for a 30 something year old guy, he’s actually quite hot, not to mention his singing voice is awesome.

  • Jezreel del Valle

    “I love A1 because their love songs are timeless and sweet. I remember then how I was so infatuated with Ben. haha. I love Blue because they are not the typical pa-sweet boyband and they have great songs, sweet still and yet so manly. I admire Jeff Timmons..because I find no reason not to. ” :))

  • Maolen Precillas

    I love A1 because of their amazing voice and I had a crush on Ben,:)
    I love Blue because of their captivating songs that touches my broken heart.
    I love Jeff Timmons because I do cherished him…:)

  • Engels

    I love A1 simply because I grew up listening to their music. they are talented and cute.
    Their songs will always be in my mind.
    I love Blue because they are one of the coolest boy band next to A1. their song is too catchy and soulful.
    I love Jeff Timmons because he is the most good looking member of 98degrees and they made an adorable songs which up to now I always here the song I do (cherish you)

  • Olivia

    I’m always an a1 fan & I really, really like them so much. They’re awesome because they write & compose their songs, they play instruments, they’re gorgeous & most especially they love Philippines that’s why its not impossible making them doing concert here again.
    Jeff Timmons is my favorite among 98 degrees members. I like his voice specially the combination with Nick Lachey. They produce a wonderful melody together. Not to mention the still sexy & handsome Papa.
    And Blue? i like their club-sound music it will gonna make u dance even if u dont feel like it yet.
    Combination of the three artists in one concert will be a blast & a concert not to be miss.

  • KayeMarie

    I love A1 because of their sweet songs (I still memorize most of them). I love Blue because their songs are beautifully written. I love Jeff Timmons for his voice, perfect for love songs. Proud 90 kid! <3

  • Lourdes " Dezhere007"

    I love A1 because they have awesome song materials. I love Blue because they create a feel good music. I love Jeff Timmons because 98’s serenades with their sound.

  • Lasselie Jane Wedingco

    I love a1 coz their songs are very inspiring that’s why i grew up listening to them. I love Blue for their soulful voice and I love Jeff coz I can feel him singing from the heart as if he already experienced what he sings..

  • jemi

    I love a1 because the flowers and glitter from their Like a Rose video make me happy. I love Blue because they sang Too Close. I love Jeff Timmons because of 98 degrees’s cheesy songs!


  • Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE A1 because they make me feel loved and their songs are making me crazy until NOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BLUE because they are so hot! I cannot resist them, their voices were like ANGELS that came down to serenade every girls! And I love JEFF TIMMONS because he’s GORGEOUS! Very beautiful lad inside and out, he makes every girls in the world feel very special ?

  • Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE A1 because they make me feel loved and their songs are making me crazy until NOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BLUE because they are so hot! I cannot resist them, their voices were like ANGELS that came down to serenade every girls! And I love JEFF TIMMONS because he’s GORGEOUS! Very beautiful lad inside and out, he makes every girls in the world feel very special ?

    • Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

      I grew up listening to the songs of A1 ! Hey I’m 16 and i LOVE LOVE their songs especially the way they sing it! I cannot explain the feeling that I get whenever I listen to their songs! I LOVE LOVE BLUE because their voices were AMAZING! (Who can even resist with their charm by the way? :D) Their voices were like ANGELS and some songs are so upbeat that makes me move even when in school. Lastly, I LOVE LOVE Jeff Timmons because look at the passion and the emotions when sings! (how romantic right?) Gorgeous too! I want his voice if in were a boy (lol). I’m 16 and I hope you will give me this opportunity to have the tickets. It’s my dream to see them perform for the first time in my LIFE! It will be a dream come true ! Please make our dream come true. PLEASE ? :)) #ONELOVE

    • Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

      Hope we all win GUYS ! :))) I love how MINDANAOAN give chances and opportunities like this to all those a1 blue and 98 degrees fans ? #ONELOVE

    • Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

      My friends used to ask me why THEM? Why I spent my time joining promos for free tickets? The Answer is “Do you know what real MUSIC is?” 🙂 They define the real meaning of music and their timeless songs are still alive right now! I never have the money to buy VIP tickets to see them upclose and I know this is my chance to win! I hope every entries will be chosen to see and be a part of MUSICAL HISTORY in SMART ARANETA on the 25th! I badly wanna watch The GreAtest Hits Tour of A1 Blue and Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees :”)

    • Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

      Let’s all dance “TOO CLOSE” of blue ! SAME OLD BRAND NEW YOU of A1 and have the most romantic dance of “I DO” -98 degress #ONELOVE

  • Lourdes " Dezhere007"

    Hello 😛 just wondering when are you guys going to announce the winner? can’t wait excited 🙂 Thank you very much

  • Jezreel del Valle

    I’ve been refreshing the page forever for the announcement of winners. haha. But I thought it would be announced February 20? Hmm.. :DD *giddy!

  • I love A1 because my friends and I bond a lot over them and their songs. I love Blue because I always end up having a mini-concert when I sing their songs. I love Jeff Timmon’s voice! <3

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