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Review: Grilled steak and other dishes at Roadhouse Cafe

A few days ago,I accompanied a congressman-friend of mine as he made the rounds around his jurisdiction. It has been quite a while since I’ve done that — you know, accompany a politician as he attends events, speak to his constituents, deliver speeches, meet key people etc. I sort of miss it, truth be told. But I digress.

What I want to share with you all today are some food shots I took and a small review about Roadhouse Cafe. Forgive the lousy texture of the photos as I merely used a digital camera for these. As you guys know, I’m more comfortable sharing food photos taken with my trusty DSLR.

Anyways, Roadhouse Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in Mindanao. My favorite dishes in Roadhouse Cafe include their baby back ribs and their pumpkin soup. I even wrote a review about those HERE.

Roadhouse Cafe started out in Bukidnon and now they have a branch in Cagayan de Oro City. My congressman-friend and I, along with his staff, had lunch at their original branch located at Valencia City. We had:

Corn soup: (I liked that the corn kernels were still a little “crunchy” and that the soup was thick and tasty)

Pansit: (this was really good!)

Kinilaw: (they used malasugue fish – you can actually taste how fresh the fish was)

And now for the piece de resistance: the Roadhouse Cafe grilled steak.

We all chose the flank cut. And yes, it was THAT HUGE! (notice how it’s almost as large as the plate!)

We ordered our steaks medium rare:

The buttered vegetable sidings tasted fine. I also requested for some gravy (my congressman-friend wasn’t too keen with Worcestershire sauce).

The grilled flank steak was tender and delicious. My only gripe would probably be the fact that they did not serve it on a hot plate. Or better yet, on a hot stone.

The beef that Roadhouse Cafe uses, by the way, are from cattle raised from the Roadhouse Cafe owners’ own farm in Bukidnon.

Thank you to my congressman-friend for the fabulous epicurean treat!

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