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My Public Relations and Blogging speaking engagement

I was one of the resource speakers during the recently concluded CDO Bloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop. Held last October 22, 2011, the very successful blogging workshop saw the attendance of several would-be and existing bloggers, SEO specialists, online media practitioners and social media enthusiasts. It was really great to be in the company of like-minded individuals 😉

My topic was about public relations and blogging. Like I told the participants, I’ve been in the PR industry for a decade and in the traditional media for about 5 years. I discovered the beauty of blogging and online media about 5 years ago and I continue to learn a lot about the importance of putting publicity, online media, social media and blogging together.

Anyways, I talked about what publicists really do, the difference between public relations and advertising and even discussed a few real life instances whereby one would need crisis PR management. I also discussed how one’s blog and social media tools can help craft one’s identity online. My talk lasted nearly an hour and I was so glad to see that everyone seemed to have a good time! I kept on injecting a lot of jokes to lighten up the mood 🙂

Anyways, here’s something I can share with you all. This is part of the talk I gave during the blogging workshop:

What public relations (PR) can do for you as a blogger:

Growth of brand (your name or your blog)
Generate awareness about you
Enhance your image or value as a blogger
Heighten demand for your service
Expand customer pool
Establish trust in you as a blogger
Change the way you are perceived

The workshop was super fun! Thank you so much to the CDO Bloggers group for inviting me! And to all of the participants of the recently concluded blogging workshop — thank you all for listening 🙂

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