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Atoy Martinez Hi Definition Video gets a Helicam!

I’m pretty psyched up with this not only because Atoy is a dear friend and I’m a fan of his work but also because my younger brother is a part of his team 🙂 Fellow Mindanaoan Atoy Martinez, a Cagayan de Oro City-based professional videographer (a very talented wedding videographer, I must add!), just added a new baby to his Atoy Martinez Hi-Definition Video team – a cool and sexy Helicam!

For the uninitiated, a Helicam is a remote-controlled mini helicopter that can be used to take aerial pictures or motion images using video, still or motion film cameras. A helicam is remotely controlled and can allow pan, tilt and roll movements. A wireless onboard video transmitter then “downlinks” the live signal to the camera operator. Images taken by the Helicam can either be recorded onboard or on the ground or even both! Helicams are very useful for advertising (think aerial shots of scenic beaches, resorts and even new condominium buildings!), cinematography and survey purposes. Helicams are also used by the military 🙂

Here’s Atoy setting the Helicam up:

More photos and a sample video after the jump!

I call him “Mr. Aga Muhlach.” Do you notice the similarities? 😀

The newest addition to the Atoy Martinez High Definition Video family:

And you need to check this out! The boys look super giddy!

Congratulations to Atoy and the rest of his team!

Go Mindanaoans! 😉

If you wish to contact Atoy or if you need a professional wedding photographer, please leave comments below 🙂

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