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4 very simple changes I want to see in government under PNoy’s leadership

1. That government employees and officials punch their own bundy cards and that appropriate punishment be given to those who ask someone else to punch their bundy cards in their behalf.

Let this be most applicable to regular government employees who have the gall to bully job order/contractual employees to doing what their apparently lazy asses don’t want or can’t do. I have personally seen government employees who think that just because they have tenure, they have the option to come to work after 8 in the morning. However, they don’t want their salaries deducted so they bully job order employees and demand that these poor contractual workers punch their cards in.

2. That government employees and officials do not leave their offices/desks for reasons other than work-related. Exactly how many times have we spotted employees in their uniforms buying groceries in a supermarket in a MALL even though it’s still 2 in the afternoon?

How many times have we spotted uniformed employees using government vehicles to do personal errands? Which brings me to my third point…

3. That government employees and officials never use government properties unless it’s for work and work alone. No employee should ever use government vehicles to fetch his or her children from school, to pay his or her residential utility bills or to even fetch his or her balikbayan relatives from the airport.

No employee should ever be allowed to use (or worse, bring home!) even pieces of bond paper or have their children print their assignments using government property. Why should government employees be allowed to do this? Why do we still spot employees who do this?

4. That government employees and officials learn how to save/scrimp. There are a lot who think that just because they’re working for the government and because the government has seemingly endless resources, they can just waste whatever they can get their hands on. For instance, and this I have personally witnessed – a department chief asks a subordinate to type an endorsement letter. After submitting a printed copy of the letter, however, the chief notices a few misspelled words. So the subordinate throws away the paper, types another letter, prints it and shows it to the chief. The chief checks it but again notices a misspelled word. So the employee does the same thing – throws the paper away, types another one, prints it and then shows it to his or her boss. Can you just imagine the waste?

Waste of energy, waste of time, waste of resources, waste of money!

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