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Mindanaoan’s new Swatch Vancouver 2010 watch

I must admit, I’m not much of a fan of watches – maybe because I grew up in an average income family and because receiving and giving gifts especially expensive watches is considered quite a luxury. I think I only had one or two “real” watches when I was younger. Real meaning it was either given as a gift or that I saved my allowance for. Most of the other watches I had were “hand me downs” from my parents.

And so I grew up not really seeing the need of having a funky watch. I guess I managed to just really be time conscious and prompt at almost everything that I felt a watch would just be an accessory and nothing else.

Fast forward many years — here I am earning my own keep and finally having extra money to spend on things that I like, want and need.

One of the things that I bought during my Cebu trip last weekend was this pretty new Vancouver 2010 Swatch watch:


Don’t you think it’s a beauty? More photos of my new purchase after the jump!



I’m not too sure if this is a limited edition watch (seeing that it’s for the Vancouver 2010 games and all) but web reports say that production of this watch will soon end. By the way, this watch can also be a stopwatch 🙂

I got this baby for P5,400.00

What about you — do you like watches? How expensive was your latest watch purchase?

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