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Meet my funny looking hotel room visitor!

Sir George Pension House in Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao is fast becoming one of my favorite budget accommodations in CDO. I think I’ve checked in 3 or 4 times after my very first stay at that cheap hotel in Cagayan de Oro City. I like the accessibility of the place (it’s located at corner Pabayo and Gaerlan streets, just a few blocks away from the heart of Divisoria), the room rates are relatively cheap (single room rate starts at P600.00) and they offer FREE Wi-Fi!

Read more about my review of Sir George Pension House over at the Mindanao Hotels page.

I won’t delve more into the amenities of this CDO pension house, though. What I want to share with you guys are these photos of my funny looking yet pretty darn cute hotel room visitor!

During my most recent stay at Sir George Pension House Cagayan de Oro, I mistakenly left behind my Guess sunglasses. Well, look at who was wearing them as soon as I got back to my room!



Apparently, the room attendant over at Sir George has a knack for creating pretty cool stuff with the mere use of a towel 😀 It looks like a “towel dog” at first…but I reckon it looks more like a “towel pig” when you look at it from this angle…what do you guys think? LOL

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