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Is Xavier University to blame for the recent suicides?

So two students of Ateneo de Cagayan University (Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao) have committed suicide in the past few weeks.

Roldan Bacadon, who graduated magna cum laude no less, committed suicide last Black Saturday. He allegedly drank poison and was allegedly depressed.

A few weeks later, 20-year old Iphraim dela Cruz, a Xavier University Nursing student hanged himself to death. Again, it was allegedly because of depression. Dela Cruz allegedly got a failing grade.

Observers are now asking: is it high time for Xavier University to re-examine their standards? Is it high time for the school to re-evaluate their teachers? Or are these student-suicides just two unfortunate random incidents?

Is Xavier University to blame for these suicides?

What are your thoughts?

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  • paulx

    I have a friend who tried to kill herself as well because of a failed accounting subject (in XU last 2 years ago). But i still dont think that XU’s strict academic policies can be fully blamed. This happens to students in UP, DLSU, ADMU or other schools. Failing a grade contributes to depression but factors such as family, peers, or emotional orientation should be considered as well. This is alarming and so sad to hear..

  • unknown

    one of them was my classmate in a certain subject and i found him to be good in class and highly participative, the case might not be related to XUs system alone but rather it has to deal with other factors that triggered the suicide. XU is now coming up with group counseling, it is somewhat like peer discussions related to personal or academic factors in order to guide XU students.

  • I am a product of Xavier University. My course was BSAccountancy and yes we have a very strict and high standards in our curriculum. pero di ko masasabi na dahil sa paaralan kaya nagsu-suicide ang mga students. Marami kaming bumagsak before with our major subject na muntik na din kaming hindi makatapos pero never namin naisipan na magpakamatay. kaya malamang, may ibang factors kaya ng suicide ang mga studyanteng yan..

  • Though this is an alarming subject, it’s unfair for XU to be taking the blame. The strict and quality education they offer just reflects the service they are made for. Though school is considered as a student’s second residence, since students often spend more time in school than in their own houses, the background of the students should be considered as well. Nevertheless, this topic should be seriously heeded by XU.

  • Rob

    Personally I think that eventhough the school environment (grades, teachers, requirements, etc.) may partly be a factor,it should not be the sole bearer of the blame as suicide, or the act of it is so much more than academic stress, but nonetheless, it is still advisable for the school to take action with this.

    I heard there is another Student who recently commited suicide this week, and I believe actions or channels (psychological assistance) shoudl be made within the university – or every school for that matter.

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