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Was Mindanaoan Gary Granada ripped off by GMA Kapuso?

Don’t we just hate it when people, especially fellow Mindanaoans, are deprived of what’s rightfully due them? And don’t we just hate it when someone denies that a wrong has been done even when it’s so blatant? Just take this case of Mindanaoan artist Gary Granada who alleges that GMA Kapuso Foundation took advantage of his work. GMA Kapuso Foundation allegedly used his work without proper recognition and more importantly, payment or royalties. According to Gary, who was born in Maco, Davao (Compostela Valley), GMA Kapuso Foundation took advantage of his work and the said foundation’s lawyer even had the audacity to say that he merely changed a word or two.

Worse, the camp of GMA 7 alleged that they don’t owe Gary anything since the end product was a result of “collective work.” A legal representative of GMA also stated that the foundation had “nothing to do” with the hiring of the song composer.

I have met Gary Granada a number of times. I make it a point to visit Conspiracy Garden and Bar Cafe whenever I’m in Manila (he’s a board member of the group that owns this place and sometimes performs there) and even during my Manila job days, my group was able to hire him to sing in some of our events. I have always, always found him pleasant to deal with, smart, funny and very approachable. He’s a well respected composer – a very talented one – and definitely one of Mindanao’s pride and joy. So you could just imagine how difficult this must be for him. For someone who has been in the business for 30 long years, this must be a big blow – an insult to his talent and professionalism.

You could also just imagine the great lengths he probably had to go through before he could muster enough guts and present his case to the masses – via the power of the Internet, I must add. Which brings me to think: who will win in this case? GMA Kapuso Foundation (that’s backed by one of the country’s large broadcasting corporations and part of the mainstream media GMA 7) or Mindanao‘s own Gary Granada (who’s using new media to prove his point)?

Listen to fellow Mindanaoan Gary Granada as he fights for his rights here: (if you’re as passionate as I am on issues involving Mindanaoans who get taken advantage of, you might just be as emotionally affected as I am right now)

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