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Should we now close the Philippine Post Office?

I don’t know about you but I’m getting more and more disappointed with the Philippine Post Office. A few months ago, I received a very important package from the United Nations and its sides were torn and were deliberately “put back together” by mere use of a transparent packing tape. You could just imagine how insulting that was — I wonder if an employee or two from the national or local post office thought that there was money inside the large envelope or probably some lucrative contracts?

And now, after traveling for two days, I come home and see my mails…and I find out that they were all supposed to be delivered last November and December! One package, for instance, was full of important coupons I could’ve used to avail of discounts during the Christmas holiday shopping sprees. Another letter contained a super cool gift certificate I could’ve used to avail of a P5,000-worth of spa services…the problem now is that the deadline for me to redeem the gift was December 31, 2008 %^&*%$#%) Isn’t this so disappointing? I’m actually furious about this!

I’m sure I’m not the only soul out there who has a ton of complaints against the Philippine Post Office. Does this mean it’s high time for the national government to give the PPO a much-needed “facelift” (or intense scrutiny of its services especially prompt deliveries of important letters and packages) or probably think of just closing it down?

What are your thoughts?

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  • I was just on the phone with my mom in America before finding your blog and reading this post. Most of the cards she sends are never delivered. Luckily packages are held at the post office for pickup. I have heard they do not deliver mail to a street unless they have more than one, if so, why do I never get cards and letters from America. I would get a postal box, but it is not worth it for a few letters/cards a year.

    Bruce’s last blog post..Helping Someone in Need on Panabo

    • johnny Rotten

      Never use PHILPOST your package will be stolen. Use fed ex or global. It costs three times more
      But fed ex has a 50% chance of getting there. Everything I sent with global got to my loved ones in the Philippines . Everything I sent to the Philippines through Philpost never got to my people. Philpost is corrupt.

  • Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for dropping by! Actually there still aren’t any guarantees that you still receive your mails even if you have a postal box. I have heard of horror stories — birthday cards getting torn because employees at the post office think that there’s money inside or parcels getting a suspicious “facelift” (i.e. sides are opened and then resealed with transparent packing tape) With the advent of the Internet and emails and with the decreasing costs of couriers, it’s best to opt for the faster, safer albeit a bit costly service. I think it would be difficult for me to trust the Philippine Post Office again.


    • sad customer

      Saan ba possible mag complain about sa rudeness ng post office teller?I had a really bad experienced dyan sa teller express window ipinahiya nya ako sa harap ng ibang customer dahil nagkamali lang ako sa pagsulat ng from at to.dinakdakan nya ako at ang nasabi ko lang ay babayaran ko nalang yun, pero ayaw parin tumigil muntik na akong mapa iyak sa galit na hindi man lang ako makasagot.

  • Kai

    that’s weird coz the same handling was done to my package from L.A. It was supposed to be delivered ten days after sending, but i received it only late this January 2009. I wasnt even expecting the package anymore since i thought it was already robbed/taken by other people in the post office. Before Christmas day, I’ve made checking and follow ups in the post office. Since it was sent November 28th… i was supposed to receive it on December 10th or at least before Christmas day. But it didnt came. And I also didnt hope i could receive it anymore.. we have the tracing number but people in the post office keep on telling me that if the package starts with LC…. they can never trace if it’s delivered to the right person. The package did came anyway with a transparent plastic tape at the bottom of the box.

  • alvin

    now that i read all of your experiences i’m now scared that i might not get my package from CANADA. my gf sent it last sunday, canada post office said that it will only take 7days but its already tuesday here(philippines) and its still not here. i tried to call the manila post office and their number is not in service.
    i think they should close it!!! coz its fuckin crappy..

  • fil

    Hi, I have the same dilemma. I’m expecting a package from Hong Kong which was shipped since April 6! Does anyone know how to reach the post office? Number or anything? I’m based in Quezon City.

    • johnny Rotten

      Don’t bother calling Philpost, your package was stolen. Every time I send a package to the Philippines through PHilpost it never gets there. Use fed ex or global. They cost more but at least there is a chance your package will get there. The worker’s and customs have no shame. They are stealers. Full of corruption.

  • I have the same problem my package is still not with me as of the moment. I bought an item on ebay last April 28 and according to the Online Tracking System it was Dispatch internationally last May 3 8:58pm American Time. And as of the moment the package is still not with me.

    My Sister also bought something in ebay 4 days after i bought something. And Guess what her package arrived just now.

    The package sent to me was a box with tennis racket.

    My sister’s Package was a small box with some beauty products in it

  • Anna

    I think we really cannot trust our Philippine Post Office and that’s sad. I sent some beautiful stamps for my mother’s collection. She didn’t receive it, maybe the people at the post office thought that there was money inside. Are they being paid well by the government? Sorry to be rude but that’s how I see it.

  • mimi

    I send Ems package from tokyo to davao but until now wala pa dn pina check ko na d2 sa tokyo june 16 hinulog ko 17 ng 3pm nsa manila na after non mag 2 wks na wala pa rn d pa rn nakarating ang padala ko lagi nlang yn sa davao postal office dati dn nagpadala me d nla hinahatid inaantay pa nila kunin sa main ang bagahe ano klase yng serbesyo nyo dapat bigyan liksyon yn mga empleyado dyan nakakahiya kayo halos lahat nagrereklamo sa inyo anu pakapalan nlang ba talaga dyan ,na experience ko pa twice dyan kukunin u nlang bagahe nagpapabayad pa kesyo me tax dw eh bayad na nga yn d2 alm nyo sa davao lang yan sa part nga luzon ilan beses na me nagpapadala pero dumating sa tama dba dapat 3 to 5 days lng ang ems sbhin na ntin malayo davao cge 1 wk pero sobra na mag 2wks na wala pa rn , grabeh dapat bigyan ng pansin yn ng mga opisyal dyan sa davao pinapaganda nyo nga mga lugar dyn dapat unahin nyo ayusin serbisyo nyo sa publiko kc d nman yn libre binabayran nman kayo .sana bigyan nyo nga pansin mayor duterte o kahit cno na opisyal pa dyan sa davao lalo na kyong nsa postal davao

  • Bingo

    Important quality of a good postal service is reliability, efficiency and trustworthy…sadly, the Phil. post office is lacking these reputation. We should just close the Phil post office..they are useless..they could not even provide contact numbers in their website to follow up missing/undelivered mails.

  • fe

    same problem someone sent to me a package from hk on june 1 2009 pero wala kahit noticed kahit my serial number kami hinawakan.wala parin..fucking shit

  • Concerned Citizen

    i think it’s more than disapointing. It’s embarassing!!! I have a Korean friend who stayed here in the Philippines for six months, and she IS practically aware of the problems of the PHILIPPINE POSTAL OFFICE. She ask her mother if she can send a package of beauty products particularyly SKIN FOOD, of Korea. After receiving a call from her mother that the package is already sent, she went to check the item in the post office, and found out that the package is openNed and looks similar as motioned above. And the post office personnel told her that she has to pay a big amout of P2500 for additional because the package MIGHT be income generating so she has to pay tax fee. She asked why the package was openned and got the panicing answer of the officer, “I DONT KNOW, THEY OPENED IT IN MANILA”. To all the people involved with this degrading act, SHAME ON YOU!

  • Taga Bulacan

    bad3p nmn! tlga bng gnyn p0zt office s pinas?. nag order kz me ng cp eh. n95.. sa eBay. bka h0uzing nlng mkuha q.. sna nmn mdeliver skn ng d0or 2 d0or. haAy buhay.. pinaghrpn q pa nmn ung pinambili q nun. mhrp lng aq. tp0s gn2? mgbbyd pa?? tp0s mkta q. h0uzing nlng? wahahah. nkkbd3p tlga! wla aq pera pmbyd sa knla!

  • Taga Bulacan

    @mimi. sng part ng luz0n ka nagpdla? thru p0st office lng dn? taena nmn mga nbza q sa net b0ut philp0st. shet!


    i agree with all of you. and i encountered many times too. there’s a time also my friend send to christmas card with a small keychain inside the envelope, maybe the staff of the post office thought it has important stuff inside the card so they open it.i ask one of the staff who gave me this envelope why this envelope has torn like that and the keychain they just put a tape in it and put it outside the envelope, he just answer me ” i dont know ” can you imagine it ?
    another thing for me to complain about the POST OFFICE IN MANILA was the staff in window 131 to 124 always come late. i thought post office open at 7:am but to my surprise i went there around 7:45 , there nobody there, the staff come at arouind 8:15 and take there breakfast there up to 8:35 , and i thought after they taking breakfast i can get my parcel , but they tell me that i have to wait for the IN CHARGE OF CUSTOM to check the package, and it worst than the staff of post office. he came in around 9:30. what the hell is that!i have to be late by my work whenever i have package to get from post office in manila , really got mad and disappointed by this post office. can”t they discipline there staff? sometimes i think its better for them to start at 10:00 am and closed at 7:00 at least that way i can go there after office hours.

  • edram

    Well, I just browsing about where to find some complaints in PhilPost I found this website (kala ko ako lng nag complain dami na pala natin) and read some comments here. When I first mailed my disc to Japan it went out just fine it arrived exactly 12 days (ordianry mail) so I was happy about it thinking that PhilPost was really changed a lot. (hindi na magnanakaw)

    Only July 9, 2009 I mailed again to Canada but this time on EMS (kasi sabi daw nila dun 5 days lng) I pay Php924.00 but up to his moment it never arrive and their tracking services was useless (palaging error) when you put my tracking no.

    I don’t know what to do with this people, there playing games with us. I hopw that this PhilPost will be close soon kasi puro mga inutil lahat dyan. Yung mga reasoning nila walang kwenta talaga I don’t know kng ipinasok ba sa kanilang utak yung sinasabi nila.

    I will never ever mail with them, Fedex rate is twice the price but its more secure and reliable.

  • Taga Bulacan

    guyz. panu pag mali yung postal code pero tama naman yung address. akala ko kasi isa lang ang postal code ng pinas. ang tanga ko!! nagtanung kasi ko dati sa isang site if ano ang postal code ng pinas. ang sinabi ay 2010. yun. marami nagsabi na 2010 nga. magsignup kasi ko dati sa yahoo.. kylangan nun. Ngayun ang postal code ay address to mabalacat, pampanga. pero im here naman sa bulacan. at complete address naman yung binigay ko dun sa seller sa eBay. tamang tama. including my street, town, province, country. ang mali lang is postal code. anyone experience this? sagot naman kayo. huhu.. sayang yung pinangbili ko. tagal kong pinaghirapan nun ah..

  • rue

    me nag order ng laptop sa ebay 2pcs pra sa akin at sa gf ko,ung akin dumating na after 2days pero sa gf ko wla pa din..d2 po me sa korea ang gf ko nsa pinas..hay maami tlg mgnanakaw ata jan sa phil. post office..ayusin nila yan jan bka wla na cla mging cutomer sa sunod.

  • Joel

    I don’t think it’s the post office in the Philippines that’s ripping up packages and taking things out and repackaging them. I believe it is the Philippine custom service. I mail a package recent from the US to Philippines. The package contain 2 used cell phones and some T-shirts. I later learned the package arrived to the recipient without the cell phones. I guess someone along the way took the cell phones for their own personal gain.

    I was told the package should arrive to its destination in 5-10 days, but it took a whole month. The reason why it took a whole month was because the custom service in Philippines are going through every packages to see what they can steal.

    This is a real tragedy as you can’t mail anything to your friends or relative other than letters. They ought to make it a serious offense for stealing from the mail which in theory is the property of the postal service.

    It really sucks that you can’t even send a used cell phone to a friend in Philippines. Bottom line is don’t mail expensive gifts to your friends in the Philippines. Just wire them the money and tell them to get it themself. Of cause that would ruin the fun of surprise, but it’s better then them not getting it!

  • Jay

    I have had the same exp. all my mail is opened especially if it is a package they come from the States and to them it is exactly as described in this forum they are looking to gain of what comes in and even the post office will do the same thing and hold your mail and charge you a hold fee of 35 peso and then only hold for 30 days then the card they send says it is theirs instead of sending it back to where it came from. Just more grifting and scam and theft from the P.I., The post is not a goverment facility like in the states but tampering or holding mail for extortion or the recipient should be a federal crime and maybe the US Embassy needs to look closely at our claims as stated in this forum as well as the post master of the US or other countries. A probe into Customs and the PH post office is indeed needed but also all the couriers here. My suggestion is the you use FEDEX even though it is contracted out to Air21 once in the P.I you may then receive your package also have it addressed to a Filipino you can trust or to a business they work at or both cause then it is less likely to be tampered with even though the return address is what they look at but if they see it is going to a foreigner by name then it to them is fair game. This whole place is full of this type of behavior not just the Post but all goverment agencies from the top down to the bottom

  • jan

    Hi.i have just read your post and the others because i am looking for a site where i can file a omplaint because i am greatly disappointed with the Philippine Postal Service. I am deeply ashamed because my British boyfriend sent me my Xmas gift and birthday gift together with my ex-colleagues xmas present and sent it last November 13,2009 so that it will at least arrive on time and it`s now the 16th of February 2010 and i cannot count the times i`ve been to the local Post office and voiced my concern and they just tell me to wait and to file a complaint in Manila and i am here in mindanao.
    My boyfriend is very upset and disappointed with our postal office `coz he sent some special things in there with the thought that it will reach me and now he doesn`t trust our postal service anymore and has sent me something recently but through a more reliable company.He has filed a complaint with their postal services but they said,that the mistake is on our side (Philippines) and it is just so embarassing.I have given up on that package.With our type of postal service, Goodluck and May God Bless our country

    • @jan – I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. Seems like there really are a lot of people out there who got “victimized” by the Philippine Post Office. I haven’t heard of a government official who got reprimanded because of all these. So sad

  • David

    Yes I agree I have sent three letters to my fiancee in Iligan from Australia and only two have got through. I don’t send money through the mail, but I have sent some photos that are irreplaceable. The service is appaling.

  • Bryan

    i will be expecting a small parcel from the US, sent thru USPS First Class/Registered mail last March 9,2010. Will see what will happen, i’m giving a shot till the end of this month. Crossing my fingers. By the way, i’m from iligan.

  • Hazel

    @Bryan: Hi, I’m also expecting a parcel sent thru USPS same as yours. Can you please tell me what happened to your package? Thanks.

  • My friend send me a package from vienna austria named Edward Rost! but he entered a incomplete address he enter this address:246Saguing,Dinalupihan,Philppinenbut this is my complete address: (246Saguing,Dinalupihan,Bataan,Philippines)
    I hope that you can help me! you can contact me at this #09195373879 Thank you very much!

  • kaye

    i’ve also experienced problems regarding torn mail and such.. it was way back 2005 i think.. our mom sent us letters and some documents. to our surprise we heard it in a radio station that our letters were found in an abandoned lot in gensan. our family was totally enraged since it contained important documents and bday cards. maybe the employees thought it contained money.. my dad filed a complaint and he was paid for the loss..

    and also just now. i went to the post office to get the package of my lil bro.. i asked the person at the post office for the requirements in getting the packaged. he said that i just need to present an ID and pay a 35 peso fee. and i asked him why i need to pay and where the money would go.. he just simply said that it is for their collection..what the heck?!!! can somebody please present to me any law stating for a 35 peso fee in receiving packages?

      • kaye

        i paid 40php… my brother received a package from my mom last september and they were asking me for a fee of 40php and 100php for the customs.. i tried to ask them why im obliged to pay for 100php.. he just stated that it was for the customs blah blah blah.. he said that good thing the representative from the customs went out for lunch that day and we didnt catch up with them.. they suck! i hate philpost and their employees

  • ish

    Philippine Postal Service sucks!!!!big time!i ordered some items from ebay and was supposed to receive them about 2 weeks ago but until now it hasn’t arrived…i’ve tried contacting the seller and she has been very polite and prompt in answering my queries…i checked the feedbacks of other buyers from other countries and they all gave positive ones since they received their parcels way before the alloted time frame for delivery….its only now that i remembered having gone to their office as much as twice a day for several days about 3 years ago when i was expecting a package from my sister in UK….like most of you, i got the generic ‘i don’t know’ reply….good thing they were able to give me the package though…the PPO should close down or get their act together…it pisses me off to think that they are all the more staining our country’s BAD reputation…tsss!

    • @Ish – i super agree with you! the philippine postal office’s bad service really gives a bad image of our country! i wonder if the new administration can do something about this

  • Nick Zamacona

    hi, thanks for the very helpful bingo info mate, there’s so many options these days it’s hard to know where to look for relevant info, thanks.

  • Adri

    yeah the post office sucks a lot. last year i bought books and 2 cds in amazon…instead of gettin’ it after 2 weeks i got it 4 weeks after…also the box containing the books and cds was badly ripped….earlier this year i ordered a cd…it took 5 weeks for it to arrive…right now..its been a month since i bought a cd and a book from ebay and its not yet here…

  • palang

    when i was still in cebu my bf sent me a package thru usps, it did arrive 2 weeks after he sent it. now im expecting another mail he sent yesterday thru usps, said i will receive it after 2weeks. (btw im already in mindanao now)lets see what will happen…

    anyone out here, do you happen to know for how many days a letter will arrive from the philippines to the us via regular mail?


  • Haarp425

    I have received a letter last week coming from Cagayan de Oro City but it came with the bottom of the letter tore up and sealed with clear tape.

    I tried to file a complaint but I could not find a phone number or email address to contact the Philippine Post Office. What kind of business is that where you could not find a phone number, email or mail address to send your complaints?

    I heared about that letter being opened by postal empoloyees back 15 years ago but I thought and assumed that it would have been addressed and investigated a long time ago in 15 years. It seems that letter opening is still rampant in the Philippines Postal Service. I know there are good Philippine Postal Service employees but there are some group of people that does this sort of letter opening and nothing is done to stop them from opening the letter. Here, in the US, letter tampering is Federal offense and could get you jail terms.

  • Propecia

    Just wanted to comment and say that I really like your blog layout and the way you write too. It’s very refreshing to see a blogger like you.. keep it up

  • Sweety

    Dang it! I’m so afraid now and worried after i read your blog..Its really sad to know about our Phil post..I’ve been waiting a package from a friend in US it already almost a month now and the package didn’t arrive yet. that was send priority mail which is 6-10 days only..goooshhh my friend was disappointed about postal here in phil..and what i’m afraid now the package has valuable things on it..goooshhh sana di nila pag interesan..sana makonsnecya naman sila.. How can we voice out this..Taga Mindanao baka pwede natin sila ipa investigador..hehe para makita mahiya naman sila o di kaya any channel on tv na mabuking ang ginagawa nila..Mga walang hiya kakapal ng mga mukha… I remember now i order a printer on ebay before that was last year the item was not arrive to me and even notice from post office..glad the seller was so kind he refund my money.. He is from US he was so disappointed to our post office..he said he will not ship items to Philippines anymore..What a shame!!!

  • Rubie

    huhuhuhu.. I have been so worried. My bf sent me a package . He sent it last Dec 8 and it was a xmas present. it should have been here already. I am from Tuburan Cebu.I have recieved packages from usa many times but this time it is so late/ delayed. I almost a month now and everyday i go to our postal office to check but still no sign of it. i am worried and my bf is pissed already. My bf told me he included a ring . huhu . our engagement ring, i am so sad now. I hope it is not stolen or lost. Pls help me. What to do and any contact no i might be able to contact?
    thank you..

  • Ess

    Last December I asked my Tita from the States to buy me a couple of books from Barnes and Noble and Better World Books (a used book shop). The Barnes and Noble book would only take 4-14 days to ship (International Priority Mail) and the BWB book would take 20-30 days (Standard International Mail), my Tita told me. I was fine with that since the holidays were coming. WOULD YOU BELIEVE that the BWB book came earlier than the Barnes and Noble one?! The BWB book came last December 23. I was surprised. Dapat mas nauna pang dumating yung isa kasi International PRIORITY Mail yun.

    Would you believe that I only got the Post Office “claiming card” today for my other book? But the date on the stamp says January 6, 2011? FUCK. They even asked me to pay 40 pesos for claiming it. BUT! When they saw that the book came from the States they opened the box in front of me, (They didn’t even give me a moment’s notice, the just opened it) got the Barnes and Noble documentation, “calculated” something and then told me that I have to pay 791 PESOS to for customs and that I WON’T BE ABLE TO GET MY BOOK WITHOUT PAYING. I didn’t have enough money at that time because I didn’t know I have to pay that much. They told me “Sige, balik ka lang.” I went back to get money from my mom, came back at 4:30 but when I came there, someone loitering outside the Post Office told me that it closes at 4:00! What the flying fuck?!! They didn’t even tell me that when I first went there! I’ve wasted half a day going to and fro to that place and I didn’t even get what I came for! Nakakabwisit talaga!!


  • Arun gupta

    hello sir,
    i m arun gupta from india i have send a parcel from india to philippines at 14/11/2010 namily cheryl lim rina barangay san joan , hilongos leyte zip 6524 from jammu post office j&k India zip 18001 but till date parcel not reach there i complaint here in forgen post department india thay said parcel already send to philippines in written thay send letter to manila post office but no reply from there parcel barcode no is
    CP230716506IN dispatch no 125 bag no. 1 dt 22/11/2010 pls its important to reach at address pls do some inqury where is my parcel as early as possible my contact number +919796230400 and if not able to call here in india call at 09222078578 .
    Arun gupta

  • I hate the Philpost service as much as everyone, but now I want to act on this instead of just complaining (Sa sobrang daming bad experience ko, napagod na ako kakacomplain). Can you guys help me? 🙂 I want to build a community for Philpost. If the gov’t can’t do anything for us, then we only have ourselves to rely on!

    I’m building a community site for Philpost. If you have any suggestions and information that you can share about getting Philpost to work for you, please contact me via the blog site! 🙂

  • Jason

    I sent my fiancee a valentines day card with a good amount of php inside….foolish me… months later she has never recieved. Also have sent her things before and when they do arrive its 3-4 months late! She is from Cagayan de oro. My packages mail arrive to Manila in under a week. After that it takes months to go from Manila to CDO? This is a disgrace and not to mention the fact that obviously the card has gone “missing” probably because someone stole the php and threw the card out.

  • Steve

    I had a parcel sent by UPS International Priority Mail which departed the US on 28th January 2011. Still no sign of it. Tracking only shows it leaving the US. As for all the others above, there are no ways to track here in the Philippines.

  • Marga

    I had a problem with Las Pinas Post Office. I sent a very small 4 lbs package amounting to $11 (over the counter skin ointment for my daughter). My son received a notice to pick up the package. When he was at the Las Pinas Post Office, he was asked to pay P3,000 for custom tax,e-vat etc…. My son went back home and called me. I was so mad and I checked online about this customs tax etc. I asked my sister in law to accompany my son to get the package and asked them why are they charging too much. After long hours of discussion and my sister in law argued with them. They lowered it to 2,500 and then 1,500 at kaliwaan daw. Since my son was so upset and frustrated, he just gave the money without receipt. Ang sabi nga eh kaliwaan. But they were able to get the name of this person who took the money. Her name is Rachel Velasquez of Las Pinas Post Office. May this person, her boss and their family starved to death! I searched and googled about this Las Pinas Post Office and I saw lots of complaints and horror stories.

    Let’s make a petition or let’s put it in Facebook about this corruption in Philippines Post Office. I bet lots of people will join.

  • Gabs

    Let me share to you my message from eBay seller.

    Sent Date: Feb 27, 2011 16:40:38 PHT

    Dear pinoypeterparker,

    Dear buyer,

    Thank you for your purchase.
    You may receive shipping notification by email automatically through Ebay system.
    Please kindly check your email again.
    This item has been sent with care from south Korea on February 21th.2011.
    International flat Air mail has 10-15 business days and it did not have tracking number.
    Please do not worry that you may have this items pretty soon and I hope it arrive on time.
    After receiving item, please leave positive feedback and nothing less than an overall DSR of 5.
    If you are considering giving a negative Feedback or a low DSR, please contact us and let us know it and slove it together.
    If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Have a nice day and thanks for your purchasing.

    – eBay seller


    Sent Date: Mar-21-11 20:25:39 PDT

    Dear dklein010,

    It’s the 20th day since you send me the Biwak shoes. But again up until this moment, still i don’t receive it.

    – pinoypeterparker


    Dear pinoypeterparker,

    Dear buyer,

    Thanks for your email.
    I am so sorry about this matter.
    Please kindly understand that sometime shipping takes more than usual.
    Please wait one more week and I will full refund your money if you don’t get your shoes within a week.
    I hope it arrive pretty soon.
    After receiving item, please leave positive feedback and nothing less than an overall DSR of 5.
    If you are considering giving a negative Feedback or a low DSR, please contact us and let us know it and slove it together.
    If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks and have nice day!

    – dklein010


    Dear dklein010,


    As much as i love to really have this shoes, the almost 2 months extended delivery days i have offered and still the item remains unreceived, I would like to request for a refund for the Biwak Mountain Mountaineering Hiking Mens Boots i have purchased from you. I will send back the amount if ever the item is received even late. Tnx and God bless.

    – pinoypeterparker


    Dear buyer,

    Thanks for your email.
    I am so sorry to hear that.
    I shipped your orders on 21 February 2011.
    Please kindly check below your address ;

    Bernard Gabon
    ACLC College, Hagkol
    Valencia City, Bukidnon 8709
    Valencia, Bukidnon 8709

    Is it your actual address ?
    I am really sorry the happening and I will take care of it as soon as possible.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Your early reply would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and have nice day!

    – dklein0

  • tafek

    worse part, customs agents assigned in the post office require you to pay ad valorem tax sometimes even if it is not required. They talk like idiots and they treat consignees like idiots to exact collection…….my advice: consider DHL, FedEx, or balikbayan box…..avoid the phil postal service. They are not worth your time and money.

  • disappointed girl

    we just got our package (from australia) at *@#*^! phil. post office.. the box were already torn, the chips for the kids are ALSO opened, (mostly inside are food and seasoning) they are a mess.. the soy sauce and chips are all over the box..my mum didnt complain maybe bcoz nothing will happen even if she complain there 🙁 the employee there told her “dapat nga po may babayaran pa po kayo”.. wow utang na loob pa nmen na d nmen babayaran eh tapon tapon n un mga nsa loob. ano p pakinabang non.. nakakaiyak :'( nakakainis..

  • TedCapistrano

    A few minutes ago, I was watching GMA’s all-news channel on cable where the Philippine Postmaster General was interviewed. When asked by the host of the show where people can file or send their complaints, she said we can always go to their official website which is at http://philpost.gov.ph . As someone who gets packages from the U.S. regularly because most of our family lives there, I have a few complaints about our postal service so I immediately went to the said site. To my disappointment, I could not find any links or email address that I could use to which I could file or send my complaints. I think that postmaster lied through her teeth. It must be part of Noynoy’s Daang Matuwid.

    So far in the past 10 years we have not experienced losing money or check in our mails. And that’s not praising our postal service. The reason why we haven’t lost money or checks sent via mail is because my parents or my siblings send money only bank to bank. Having to pay $10 or so as a sending fee is way better than losing the whole amount of money that were sent. Encourage your family/relatives/folks to do so everytime they want to send cash in the mail. As for losing contents of parcels sent to us, we have not experienced that either. Most of the time, what my siblings do is buy a balikbayan box, leave it open in the closet, keep piling stuff into it that they buy on sale or specific items we request them to buy for us and when the box is filled up, they tape it up then tie a rope around it a few times and then finally send them via a door-to-door service. Of course, it will take about a month to get to us. So far (knock on wood), we haven’t lost any items yet. Not all door-to-door services are the same. So pick one that is reputable and seek out opinions from other Filipinos in the U.S. as to what door-to-door service they patronize. Some services mishandle packages. If your relatives intend to send breakable items with fluids in them, my advice is seal them in a big ziploc bag and tape it up. That should also apply to products in boxes that contain powder (like tempura mix, chocolate powder, spices) and cereals (like oatmeal & other cereal types). I’m talking from experience. We have received such items that end up being busted and having their contents contaminate all the rest of the items in the balikbayan box. WHAT A MESS!

    Going back to our postal services, I have experienced being asked for bribes openly by a female postal worker (ang garapal!) when I picked up a few items (which were all vitamins for my mom) at a Novaliches post office. Being a recent balikbayan, I was utterly disappointed. I thought these type of shenanigans do not happen anymore but I guess leopards do not lose their spots that easily.

    One other thing that I noticed that postal workers do now that they don’t used to do before is they open parcels now in front of you. Was there in a shift in policy lately? Again, is this part of Daang Matuwid? And why do we have to pay P40 each time we pick up a parcel? Weren’t the stamps used to send the package already paid? And if they are basing that amount on the value of the items sent, why did I have to pay for a FREE CD which was sent to me free of charge by MICROSOFT? In one of the times I went to the MAIN POST OFFICE in QC to pick up a package, a female postal worker opened the box and then in her loud voice told her supervisor the contents of the box (which were all vitamins for my mom) and even blurted out the value of each items in DOLLARS. That is simply tacky! Did these people go to school? I likened that to having my mail opened by someone, other than myself, reading my letter and invading my privacy. That has got to stop. If a family member sent me some underwear, would they open the box and lift the garment in full view of other people picking up packages too and be subjected to humiliation? Where do they draw the line? In the US, such practices are not condoned. If they want to catch criminals sending drugs using the postal services, it is up to our law enforcement agencies to track them down using other methods that do not punish law-abiding citizens. This practice by our post office people is abuse of our rights. Our privacy rights are being violated. And people are happily just bending over.

  • Worried citizen

    ..reading all these letters and complaints started to worry me, because I just recently ordered, (Sept. 17 and 19, 2011),not one,but two separate orders of products from Hongkong and I don’t know if it will ever be sent here in Iligan. Worst is, each orders are priced, i think, $50+ (electronic gadget/devices) that might be stuck at the customs..has anyone tried to claim their parcels on Iligan post office?It was stupid for me to not know of these things that is already happening. Just imagining all these boils my blood in anger, to think that so many complaints about this corruption in customs and government post corporation and no one, even the government did anything on it for how many years???pathetic country..makes me think ‘why am I even born here?’..

  • Worried citizen

    P.S. I will just update you on the progress on the retrieval of my orders,maybe this October..and yes, we should broadcast what is really happening so that people will eventually know and try not to use their service anymore,causing them to close down..(maybe we should just kill those f**kers who f**ked up all of your items)..yeah..

      • Worried citizen

        Good day!
        Here is my update:
        Purchased order #1 (airmail Hongkong-Iligan City, Philippines by Singpost) on Sept. 13,2011
        Item tracked on Singpost but only the date when it was shipped from Hongkong-Singapore (Sept. 17, 2011) and Singapore-Philippines (Sept 19,2011),never the arrival date of the item in the Philippines
        Received (delivered at home) on Sept. 26, 2011 (product is never opened, is small, and almost weightless)

        Purchased order #2 (airmail Hongkong-Iligan City, Philippines) on Sept. 19, 2011
        Item tracked on Hongkongpost but only the date when it was shipped from Hongkong-Philippines (Sept 23, 2011),never the arrival date of the item in the Philippines
        Received (delivered at home) on Oct. 7, 2011 (Product never opened, slightly small box,
        and has considerable weight)
        Contacted local Philpost office only once during the duration of the shipping of product #2 (I think it was on Sept. 30, 2011), they said that there was no item for me.

        I’m kinda ashamed the way I reacted about Philpost seeing other comments like that,but considering your side, I guessed I was just lucky because of how small the products were, considering the weight and the details provided when it was shipped (as a gift, and the sender marked is not the company name)

        In my side, I don’t know if I can trust Philpost, but given the comments i have read, i think I might just pass on the ‘buying-outside-the-country’ thing for now, got just lucky I have received them all, without the stress to follow it up..

        Maybe we need to update from time to time here if others have problems on their delivery and the details, it is important..that’s all, thank you!

  • Helen Ocampo

    Beware of those corrupt custom official of Manila Post office window 124
    They know nothing but keep on cheating people again and again.
    i hope we can find a way tol arrest those corrupt custom officer and staff at window 124 of the Manila Central Post office

    You can search the link below just type

    Manila Central Post office custom fee , duties and taxes scam
    Manila Central Post Office Warren V Nantes scam

  • Helen Ocampo

    I really love your site. ok here we go
    first they send you a notice asking and telling you to claim package at window 124 of the manila post office. once you are there they keep asking numerous ID from you even you already give them your driver license , voter ID. what comes first from their mouth is may i see your other ID like ATM card. which is really shock to me.
    Then once the package is in the releasing area table they will open it before your eyes. and once they open it they will get the invoice or receipt attached in the box. if there is no receipt they will keep looking checking at your item which look like wala sa bundok nila ang ganitong bagay tsk tsk.
    Then they will go inside their room scratching their head and look like having hard time making a computation and finding a way to cheat you.
    after a few minute here comes the list which is listed in a scratch paper and the corrupt officer say : AYAN ITO PO ANG KAILANGAN MONG BAYARAN .
    when asked why we have to pay for such a large amount , they will answer you CUSTOM YANNNNNNNNNNNNN at kailangan bayaran TSK TSK
    when u tell them its gift or give them excuse they will say sige 500 na LANGGGG and ofcourse without resibo .
    after you claim your package. here comes the standby who will befriend you and offer to help you carry heavy weight box but after that you ended up being robbed and holdup by their syndicate.
    so beware and be careful and i hope we can report this asap to Imbestigador , tulfo , XXX para mahuli na natin ang tarantadong custom official and mga kurakot na walang hiya sa window 124 ng manila central post office.

  • Helen Ocampo

    salamat ng marami sana ma bulok na sa kulanganm mga buwaya at kurakot na custom official sa window 124 ng manila post office lalo na yun bakla at baboy na custom officer jan.
    pati yun losyang na collector na si vilma ching at yun matanda na manong dapat ikulong rin mga kurakot mga yun

    • Anita Sy

      hi there just want to let everyone know that i am also being cheated by those corrupt and dishonest custom at the manila post office basement window 124. they cheated me and ask me to pay a sum of 5000 peso just for a box of wedding gown send to me from singapore by my sister. i really cannot understand what they are writting and computing which is written in just a piece of scratch paper. the total breakdown cost and calculation is amounted to 15,000 peso but the corrupt custom tell me that he can give discount and i can just pay them 5k and of course without resibo. hayz
      i really hope that we can find a way to control those corrupt officer there at window 124. one more thing is that all of them does not wear an id

  • Romeo Calixto

    I really like your site. I have also been cheated by those corrupt and dishonest custom officer of the manila city hall window 124. they scam people.
    i also want to warned everyone to be careful of EMS pasay they are also corrupt and like to cheat people money

  • Lorraine Feller

    Better close because people working in the post mga corrupt, maybe not all pero nadadamay ang ibang tao. Its for nothing sayang lang. I dont really really trust our post office. Many times happened to me, mga sulat ko di nakakarating i even rent a post box but because everyweek i wrote to different peoples di na nakakarating. I even sent a package with perfume and cellphone, i payed for insuranced but only the perfume my mother received!!! Imagine that!!! Then last Nov 2, i sent again a letter registered to my mother, until now di pa nya narereceive. What is that for peoples? What they think? my pera sa mail??? its a risk and dangerous yun bakit ko nmn gagawin eh maraming ways to send money. Thank you for reading my conplains.

  • Pathetic Service

    Below is part of an e-mail I rec’d from my Mother who resides in USA.

    Received your Christmas card in today’s mail. The item you mentioned in last weeks e-mail was not with the card Must have come via the air or something….

    Pretty card,wonderful message and we know that it was filled with love from both! I was a little upset to see that it had been handled roughly though there was a rip on each side and also one smack dab in the top edge of the envelope. The card only had the center top ripped about 3/4 of an inch. The gold stone like on the Christmas tree was intact. We appreciate it very much.

    Would Phil Post care to explain this?? The only thing they are out for is themselves. Pathetic that you can not trust a Govt Postal Employee here in the Philippines. Trying to line their own pockets with other peoples hard earned gifts. There is no excuse for this, pure and simple it is THEFT. Oh, and do not expect a straight honest answer form them either, only lame excuses as to why this happens. It’s as if Filipino Postal culture does not acknowledge the existence of complaints about poor service , and thus are in denial of reality. So your complaint is not even really heard or understood. They don’t want to hear it and are unable to respond to it.

  • edmund

    My story.
    Recently recieved notice from las Pinas City post office of a package to collect at their pot office, no name of the sender, meaning that I had to commute to find out who the sender was, also stating that I had to bring an invoice to collect the packageor payPal statement before I could receive it, (idiot system) are they so nieve, or just a scam to for the custom services to hold on to unclaimed packages, the package in question was a gift from my son, so no possibility recieving an invoice, to communicate with the postal custom supervisor was a nightmare, no exagerating, finally had to ask my som to send me a receipt for the gift which cost not more than 2 dollars. Sure I agree we need to close down the conniving officials and there perks to take well meaning property to their own pockets.

  • Pathetic Service

    My Mother sent from USA in October a birthday card – it has not arrived as of yet. In November, she sent us and also our daughter a Christmas Card. We had received our (Tampered with and opened two times, sealed with clear packing tape. The idiots were not even smart; they put an “Arrived Open” ink stamp on it, below and above the tape. They have done this six (6) times in the past year. ) I have saved all the envelopes and have never gotten any kind of answer but the run around or blank stares. And STILL my daughter’s Christmas card has not arrived yet.

    Just who does one make a complaint to? Local Post Office is worthless and pathetic. Seems the Local network television station does not answer e-mails, nor did ABS-CBN, or even the XXX show. All have fallen on deaf ears.

  • Allen


    I also have a bad experience with Philpost. Can we start a petition to close the philpost. I just don’t know where should we file it. I’m so pissed with this department.

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