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Jewels in times of crisis – The cosmic powers of a young man’s artworks

He walks into a room and one would think he is just another guitar-toting, carefree boy next door. But far from that image is how this young man actually views life and the powers beyond an ordinary human’s comprehension. This young man, in fact, cares so much for his fellow that he has devoted much of his life to helping people out through his cosmic jewelries.

Born and raised in Israel, David Weitzman is far from being typical. Through his Ka Jewelry, Weitzman has labeled himself a cosmic jeweler who comes up with designs that have more than what meets the eyes.

“I deal with universal symbols that are not only religious but are also related to the cosmos,” Weitzman explains. “Ka, in fact, means life force. It is something that is universal and exists in all cultures, like the Hindus’ prana, the Chinese’s chi, and the soul, which the Christians, Judaists, and Moslems share.”

The young jeweler believes that behind all religions in existence today is a deep ancient knowledge that is contained in mathematical and geometric symbols.

Weitzman first had visions of sacred geometric symbols as jewelries back in 1995. These include designs that he currently has such as the flower of life, Merkaba, emerald tablet, and rings. After three years, Weitzman began making the Merkaba and other jewels.

“For me it was a fulfillment of my destiny,” Weitzman says. “But it is even more flattering to get awesome response from people who bought my jewels!”

Weitzman says that he has always been like this already.

“I have been acting a bit ‘strange’ in kindergarten,” Weitzman says. “Whenever boys my age would brag about their fathers and would try to outdo each other, I would just stand there and look and think to myself, “Okay, they’re not dumber or smarter than anyone else.” Strangely enough, I knew that everything would pass us by, that we will get older and ultimately, disappear.”

As a kid, Weitzman says he would be allowed to stay over with his grandfather and grandmother who lived in a beautiful house. They had a giant garden with trees, flowers, and birds. Often, he would ask himself how such fascinating beauty came about, what or who created them, and what or who gave them such magnificent colors and forms.

“I understood back then that something must command all this and I wanted to look for it. I was four or five years old then. I could still see myself staring out the window into the starry sky thinking about the stars, the galaxies that came before these, the sky and the pure white light beyond. But I was also very scared. I had the feeling that I could also be sucked into it and disappear. Very scary,” Weitzman adds.

Weitzman began receiving unexpected feedbacks from his clients. People would write him e-mails, send him gifts, or simply call him to tell him how wearing his jewels inexplicably changed their lives.

“People told me it made huge changes in their lives. They tell me how it inspired them and gave them new insights into life,” Weitzman shares.

These immensely positive feedbacks prompted Weitzman to proceed. Himself inspired by dreams, insights, and other daily occurrences in his life, this 35-year old comes up with various designs for Ka Jewelry’s line up.

“The western way of life is very stressed and competitive. People often find themselves unhappy and in stressful situations. My jewels are key to a more calm and satisfying life. They help people fulfill their destiny and feel more safe and secure,” Weitzman adds.

His jewels have also become very important now that people around the globe are feeling the effects of the world economic crisis.

“My jewels help people get a better perspective of life, helping them shift their focus from day-to-day troubles to the bigger, more important aspect of life,” Weitzman explains.

For people who identify with some of the symbols or for those who simply like the designs, Ka jewelries are a must. With a proven track record of helping people cope with modern life’s daily troubles, Ka Jewels boast of various designs that answers to differing concerns.

There is the ring of courage, for example, that deals with handling fear. Wearing it will help the wearer’s mind to focus on being courageous. The ring of happiness, on the one hand, helps remind its wearer that everything is constantly changing while the flower of life and Torus knots help its wearer become more open to what life brings to us. Also, the abundance pendant and ring help its wearer appreciate the abundance that exists in life and make a connection with it.

“Each jewel has a specific meaning, intentionally made for specific concerns with symbols that come from various inspirations and understandings,” Weitzman enthuses.

In this time of crisis, Weitzman’s jewels are definitely a must. With its proven track record, his Ka Jewelry designs can definitely help its wearer cope with the changing times and situation.

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