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Facebook Tagalog…well what about Pisbuk?

All right, call me crazy but wouldn’t it be fun if we had a Visayan version of the popular social networking website Facebook? After all, there’s now a Facebook Tagalog version (I’m not kidding! I was completely stunned, too, when I found the question “Ano ginagawa mo ngayon?” in there!). Even Friendster (arguably still the most popular social networking website among Pinoys) has its own Tagalog version. So why not Facebook Bisaya or Facebook Visayan? (Or as my friend Budoy of Junior Kilat and Celebrity Pinoy Big Brother fame would term it — “Pisbuk”)

Wouldn’t it be awesome and totally fun if we found something like “Unsay imong gabuhaton karon, dong/dai?” or if the Pokes were called “dutdut?” Knowing how fond of the LOLs we Bisdaks are, we’ll have a field day! The mere thought makes me chuckle.

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