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Join the VSO Bahaginan 2013 Volunteering Expo

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You and I know how powerful volunteerism is. When Typhoon Ondoy struck the Philippines almost 4 years ago, we saw so many private citizens volunteer their time, money, effort, homes to help others in need. When Typhoon Sendong struck Mindanao Sendong struck Mindanao in December 2011, a lot of volunteers also shared their time and started donation drives, fundraising campaigns, feeding programs and the like. I also started humble relief drives and donation drives myself but those would not have prospered at all without the many volunteers who understood and answered the need for helping hands. Knowing how needed, powerful and valued volunteers around the world are, what type of future do we want for volunteering? What are the reasons that compel people to continue volunteering? How can p...

Mass videoconference aims to link Manila and Iligan students

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Before anything else, I'd like to say that I'm a proud RockEd volunteer. Rock Ed Philippines, which began in 2005, aims to get Filipinos interested in nation building. Rock Ed links Filipinos from all walks of life with causes that they are interested in. Once you sign up for Rock Ed, you're assigned projects that fit your expertise, interests or skill sets. In my case, I usually volunteer for projects related to blogging, publicity, event management, photography, media and business-related stuff. Now this is where the point of this blog post starts :D You see, I found this project in the Rock Ed Philippines website. It's about a mass videoconference that aims to link at least 2,000 students in Manila to at least 2,000 students in Iligan - yup, that's all the way down here in Mindanao. How...
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