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Rivermaya releases new single “Manila” (LSS alert)

Rivermaya releases new single “Manila” (LSS alert)

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Anybody who knows me know that I constantly sing praises for premier band Rivermaya, considered to this day as one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands in the Philippines. This is because not only am I a huge fan but also because I consider them as really great friends. I have had the many opportunities to travel with them, hang out with them and even go island hopping with them! Trust me, they’re the funniest, most genuine and coolest. WATCH: Davao island hopping with Rivermaya And guess what? My cool friends have just released their new single, “Manila.” The song will be included in their upcoming album with Star Music Philippines, “Sa Kabila Nang Lahat.” The new album will feature all-original songs and will signal the band’s 23rd anniversary. What’s also v...

Announcement: Rivermaya band denies inclusion in Davao April 27, 2013 concert

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You all know that I'm a big Rivermaya band fan and supporter. That's why I got pretty sad, disappointed and a bit angry, really, when I found out about this. Apparently, there are several tarps all around my hometown Davao City announcing Rivermaya's alleged inclusion in what's supposed to be a concert, purportedly dubbed as "Metro Davao Summer Slam," at the Davao Crocodile Park in Ma-a on April 27, 2013. As you can see from this poster below, the event even cited the inclusion of other popular bands like Parokya Ni Edgar, Chicosci, Typecast and Hilera. I did a quick scan of related announcements online and found out that the event has been heavily promoted online and even through Davao Crocodile Park's Facebook Page and through this Davao Crocodile Park-created Event Page. (please see ...
Rivermaya Live At Ayala Center Cebu for new album tour

Rivermaya Live At Ayala Center Cebu for new album tour

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It's been a while since my "crazed avid fan" days. My friends know I'm a huge South Border fan and supporter and I went gaga when Color Me Badd came. I've watched and worked with so many artists (local and foreign) already but yes, it's been a while since I truly, madly, absolutely got impressed. That changed when I watched Rivermaya last weekend. Actually, I didn't just watch them perform. I was at their dinner-after-the-show which later turned out to not only be a super fun after-party but a chance for me to see a different side of the band. I must say this - I never expected them to be that accommodating, friendly and fun! My only regret now is that I didn't get to produce or organize any of their concerts before. The closest I got to work with them was during an ABS CBN Kapamilya sh...
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