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Razzle Dazzle 3 photography workshop registration ongoing

Razzle Dazzle 3 photography workshop registration ongoing

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How fast time flies! Back in 2010, I was still pitching possible names for a photography workshop to my super talented brother (who happens to be an awarded and very in-demand professional wedding photographer). He liked what I offered - "Razzle Dazzle." According to the dictionary, razzle dazzle means dazzling excitement or extravagant display of technique. Not long after that, he named his very first photography workshop "Razzle Dazzle Photography Workshop." Fast forward two years later, Razzle Dazzle Photography Workshop is now on its 3rd cycle! This photography workshop in Mindanao is set to take place on May 5 to 6, 2012 in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines. Don't you want to spend two days of summer learning new photography techniques? This CDO photography worksh...

Learn how to create fresh, fun, funky photographs! Join the Razzle Dazzle photography workshop

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According to the good ol' Webster Dictionary, the term "razzle dazzle" means: raz•zle-daz•zle (r z l-d z l) n. Informal 1. Dazzling excitement. 2. Extravagant or showy display, as of technique Inspired by the meaning of this term, Mindanaoan suggested this to my youngest brother, who happens to be a professional photographer. Hence, the birth of the "Razzle Dazzle Photography Workshop"! Summer is fast approaching! Instead of lazing around all day and being perfectly useless till June, why not enhance your artistic skills? As soon as June kicks in, you're swagging your new photo skills! Everyone can snap a photo, but can you do it the FRESH FUN FUNKY WAY? (more…)
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