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Leave Dato Zainab alone

Leave Dato Zainab alone

Mindanaoan Update
I was still at the airport yesterday when I received a phone call. Apparently, a Philippine Star columnist, Jarius Bondoc, claimed that the wife of the Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines, Dato Zainab, "sullied the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal." Jarius Bondoc claimed that Dato Zainab tweeted and called Rizal an "infidel Malay." My very first thought was...naw, it couldn't be. It must be just some random, silly joke. Dato Zainab would never say such a thing. Plus, I thought, Jarius Bondoc and the Philippine Star know how to abide by basic and proper etiquette. It is only proper for a columnist to verify facts, lest he appears stupid and naive. It is only proper for a columnist to have proof. Also, doesn't Philippine Star's masthead say "Truth Shall Prevail"? Unfortunat...

Meeting the Malaysian ambassador and his wife

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I've said it and I'll say it again and again. Blogging, even micro blogging through Twitter or Plurk, does wonders for you and for your life. Not only can you share your thoughts, tips and photos with others (which may help them in the process, without you necessarily knowing about it), earn a bit but more importantly, get to meet new, interesting people and experience new and exciting things. Just take the case of a pretty cool thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. Because of the power of the Internet and micro blogging, I had the ultimate honor to meet the Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad and his beautiful wife Datin Seri Zainab Kader. * credits for photo above goes to Malaysia Tatler Before I continue, let me just say, though, that the...
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