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Personal: A quick hello (and am I the only one listening to Adele?)

Personal: A quick hello (and am I the only one listening to Adele?)

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A few hours ago, I wanted to start a new blog. Just a simple one. Something like Tumblr. Where you can just drown in your own thoughts and not worry about how others would think about you. I needed to write and vent out certain feelings. I needed to rant a little bit and cry a little bit. I thought that maybe it'd be easier if I write those types of entries in a separate blog. And then maybe keep the entries private. Or that only a few, carefully chosen people would know where and how to find them. I changed my mind. plays a big part in my life. It's still my "main" blog so unless something utterly weird happens or if things already start becoming a little too uncomfortable, I'll still treat this as my main online space. I hope you guys are cool with that. This blog...

OMG! Mindanaoan has been ratified! Weehee!

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HOLY SMOKES am I so happy today or what?! I was just mindlessly surfing a few minutes ago and I happened to stumble upon the Ratified website. God knows I've been trying to get Mindanaoan and a couple of my other websites Ratified but lo and behold, I finally spotted my humble blog in the Ratified directory TODAY --- just when it was so darn unexpected! Check out my Ratified button: I know a Ratified rank of 320 isn't so much to be proud of but hey, at least, right?! Right?! LOL Yes, I'm excited obviously! For the uninitiated, measures measures the top 100 blogs of the Philippine blogosphere. Ratified uses a site's Technorati rank, Feedburner rank, Google and Alexa stats to figure out your rank. Come on, people, congratulate me by SUBSCRIBING TO MINDANAOAN! Go, g...
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