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Michael Jackson on the cover of People — can someone give this as a gift to me?

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All right, this is a Mindanao blogger's desperate attempt to ask anybody out there...a kind-hearted generous person (hehe) who can possibly send me a copy of the latest issue of People magazine. Okay, so this is more like a cry for help :D I know that once this magazine hits our shores, I'll have a difficult time buying a copy and OMG I want to have one!!! I want to have a copy of it because it's a special edition featuring the King of Pop himself, the Gloved One --- Michael Jackson! As I previously mentioned here in Mindanaoan, I am a huge fan of the King of Pop! Check out the cover of this special People magazine I want to get my hands on: So to anybody who wants to send me a copy, please, please, please CONTACT ME! I'd forever be grateful! :)
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